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Latest update: 03/04/2020 18:15:31


New environmental technology using "mist"

Since our founding in 1949, ASABA MANUFACTURING, INC. has pursued its proprietary advanced technology for freely controlling mist, working to provide the best products by using the technology. Our flagship products are nozzles which change spraying distances when the grip of the spray is rotated. This technology, successfully commercialized for the first time in the world by ASABA, has become the standard not only in Japan, but also all over the world. On TV news, you may have seen scenes of sterilizing livestock sheds (cattle, pigs, or chickens) for disease prevention. It is ASABA's nozzles that are used here.

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ASABA's technologies and products
ASABA's technologies
-In the field of agriculture, nozzles are used for crop protection and weeding. However, if the nozzle used does not match the liquid fluid, the spraying will not be effective. Since our foundation, ASABA has been developing nozzles that generate the optimum conditions such as spray amount, diameter of mist particles, and spray angles for chemicals with various properties. 
-ASABA's mist technologies have steadily won trust from primary industries (agriculture, fishing, forestry, etc.). In 1998, our factory in the Philippines started operating, followed by our factory in China. Thanks to these factories, a higher level of production system was established. Since our foundation, we have been consistently dealing with mist and pursuing the needs of clients and society. With these attitudes, we believe that we have contributed to various fields.
-Recently, we have been collaborating with universities and carrying out joint research with them. We have a technology for generating nanosized bubbles. These are generated by spraying  high-pressure water into water to produce minute vibrations. "Nano" is a unit of one in a billion. One nano meter is one billionth of a meter (= 1 millionth of a mm). "Nano" indicates a ultrafine world invisible to the eye. 
This technology, which is a product of the collaborative research, has been patented. ASABA's technologies attract broad attention from the media, and we receive requests from various quarters to provide products using mist-related technologies.
-In the future, we will focus on various special order products to be used mainly in primary industries. On the other hand, we will also make efforts to develop original products that use clean energy. These products include those that do not employ a gasoline engine, instead using nickel-metal hydride or lithium ion batteries to reduce CO2 emissions.
ASABA's Products (1)
-Battery sprayers
-Dry battery sprayers
-Backpack power sprayers
-Backpack sprayers
-Human-powered sprayers made of resin
-Stainless steel sprayers
-Sprayers dedicated to particular liquids
〇Power sprayers
-Single body power sprayers
-Power sprayers with engine
-Small-sized power sprayers with engines and pumps
-Wheeled sprayers with tank 
〇Crawler sprayers
-Crawler sprayers with tank
-Wheeled or radio controlled crawler sprayers
〇Irrigation pumps/washers
-Irrigation pumps/single body pumps
-Motor fertilizer spreaders
-Spreaders, granule applicators, and seeding machines
ASABA's Products (2)
〇String trimmers
〇Snow blowers
〇Maintenance vehicles
〇Push-along grass cutters
〇Oxygen supply systems