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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:48:03


One Road offers processing solutions for any part

If you have any problem with parts processing, please contact One Road. Please try our parts made by artisanal dies and molds. Our company can accommodate your parts processing and die and mold making. 

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Business details of parts processing
Actual processing sizes
Our main work is production of prototypes and small-lot products. We can accommodate everything from products with small sizes and diameters that can be held in the hand to products with sizes measured in meters based on the requests of our customers. 
[Round materials] Max Φ1100 mm x 450 mm
[Square materials] Max 1000mm x 1000mm x 250mm
Parts manufacturing using the processing technology of a die/mold specialist
With die and mold production technology that we have acquired through several years of experience, we can accommodate parts processing of various materials from simple processing of aluminum and structural steel to multisurface processing of copper and high hardness materials. 
Structural steel (SS400/S45C)
Die steel (SKD11/SKD61)
High Speed Steel (SKH51)
Quenched materials, High hardness materials of 60 HRC or higher
Stainless steel (SUS304/SUS430/SUS316)
Aluminum alloy
Powerful processing network
Monozukuri craftsmanship is concentrated in the Tsubame Sanjo area. Through our processing network of cooperating manufactures, we can accommodate a diverse range of processing. 
Our processing network includes not only these local cooperative manufacturers, but also other manufacturers in and out of the prefecture. 

Milling (plate/mold cutting/die setting)
6-axis combined processing
							Laser processing
Electrical discharge machining (wire/diesinking/gloss discharge/C-axis discharge)
	Bending (up to Φ50 mm)
								Surface treatment
Heat treatment	
Diffusion bonding
								3D modeling
							Reverse engineering
Size inspection
Quality assurance using the inspection standards of a die/mold specialist
The inspection standards of our die and mold specialists support our quality assurance.  We have rich experience in work with major companies.  We guarantee quality using the inspection methods that our customers request.
Contact type 3D measuring device
Noncontact type 3D measuring device (Digitizer)
Various all-purpose measuring devices