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Latest update: 03/04/2020 18:15:35

Taiyou Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Plastic injection molding, vinyl chloride processing, vinyl chloride molding, and bonding, assembly, and leakage inspection of molded parts

We mainly handle vinyl chloride, but handle other various resins, too. We provide resin-molded or -processed products for clients in various fields such as housing, medical care, agriculture, and LCDs. We perform plastic injection molding, vinyl chloride processing, vinyl chloride molding, and the bonding, assembly, and leakage inspection of molded parts under an in-house integrated production system to meet clients' needs. We can also mass-produce many lots of manually processed products such as large-sized tanks. From discussing production methods to trial production and mass-production, we support our clients with advanced technology and a wealth of expertise.
If you have any requests or concerns, such as "Our company wants to produce a product like this," "Our company wants to reduce the weight of this product," "Tell our company a method for cutting costs," , please feel free to contact us.

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Sales Pitch

Taiyo Kogyo K.K..'s plastic processing technologies, injection molding technologies, and product lineup.
We specialize in plastic processing, plastic precision processing, and vinyl chloride welding.
By using the wealth of expertise that Taiyo Kogyo K.K. has nurtured through long years of experience, our company can process parts with complex shapes and perform accurate processing.
Using a machining center, we can process parts that require accurate machining. We use an NC lathe to process round- or ball-shaped parts. (We can perform processes such as plate cutting, machining, boring, and processing with a circular saw bench.)
■Assembly (bonding, deposition, etc.)
We have confidence in our vinyl chloride welding. Our skilled engineers always focus on producing, reliably and quickly, products that meet clients' requirements.
*Features of vinyl chloride 
It has excellent properties such as light weight, strength, corrosion resistance, and electrical insulation.
We perform various inspections including pressure testing and water leakage inspection (air leakage inspection, pin hole inspection, etc.).
Injection molding: Accurate injection molding allows for short delivery times, high quality, and low cost.
■Taiyo Kogyo K.K.'s molding technologies
We are able to press materials at a pressure of 35 to 220 tons. We also have an electronic molding machine to perform highly accurate molding.
Since our foundation, we have accumulated a great deal of achievements and experience. We are confident that we can meet the expectations of clients concerned with cost reduction. 
We also mold plastic parts using engineering plastics, as well as performing various types of plastic injection molding. Please feel free to contact us if your company suddenly requires high-precision plastic parts for  the development of a new product or is looking for a manufacturer that can perform precision injection molding. 
■Materials that we can process
We can process various plastics including rigid polyvinyl chloride, general-purpose plastics, engineering plastics, and super engineering plastics. Since the appropriate plastics change depending on the product purposes and product usage environment, please contact us to discuss.
■Parts we have processed and produced so far
Medical equipment parts, low-voltage parts, electronic equipment parts, office automation equipment parts, parts related to water treatment, etc.
Plastic molded products and processed resin products
We specialize in processing, welding, and the injection molding of rigid vinyl chloride, producing a variety of products such as medical equipment parts, parts related to water treatment (measuring tanks, overflow weirs, sterilizers, etc.), chemical solution tanks, dampers, transparent covers, and more.
We also handle various products including industrial machine parts, construction or civil engineering materials, parts for agricultural water treatment, devices for minilabs, air-conditioner ducts, and vinyl chloride parts for effluent treatment. Please feel free to contact us. 
■Plastic molded products
-Medical equipment parts
-Holders, joints, and air valves
-Parts for draining unit baths
-Molded transparent PVC products
-Parts for swimming pools (gratings)
■Processed resin products
-Parts for LCD panel cleaning equipment
-Processed products for medical equipment
-Faucets and ball valves
-Air volume control dampers
-Measuring tanks