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We handle OEM contract manufacturing of health foods

We engage in integrated production of original health foods from planning and development to final commercialization.

We can also handle OEM small-lot or large-lot manufacturing of jelly stick supplements as health food, with short lead times.

We can mix enzymes, proteoglycans, amino acids, lactobacilli, and all kinds of other materials into jelly. We also take orders to turn soft drinks into stick packages, smoothies, tablets, and other forms on commission.

We can flexibly respond to your needs, including planning, mix proposals, free prototyping, machine test prototypes, and other operations.

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Product information
OEM manufacturing of health food 
We have acquired both ISO 22000:2005 food safety management system and GMP certification for dietary supplements, so we can deliver safer, more reliable products to you.

The entire site of our manufacturing plant is surrounded by negative ion generators, the manufacturing machines and water used are negatively ionized, and activation is measured. This enhances the functions of the raw materials and contributes to health maintenance.

We have our own manufacturing plant, so we can manufacture in small or large lots. This enables us to manufacture the kinds of health foods you want to commercialize and also to produce a series of products, satisfying a wide range of target customers.
Provision of raw materials
Introduction of our raw materials, recommended materials handled, and patented technologies

We provide raw materials that can be productively used as health food ingredients by conducting safety testing for their efficacy as well as their safety and reliability.  

We procure raw materials to suit different targets, such as domestic Japanese materials, evidence materials, patented materials, and effects. 
Quality control and patents acquired
Integrated manufacturing in our own factory
We have acquired GMP certification for dietary supplements and ISO 12000:2005 certification for our food safety management system. We have acquired these certifications for our integrated production including manufacturing, management, and administration to ensure thorough control. As a health food manufacturer, we are one of the leading facilities in Japan and Nagano Prefecture.

Our information and planning office investigates the raw materials and additives we use
We check the source materials, country of origin of source materials, presence of allergens, presence of genetic modification, presence of bovine-derived materials, composition analysis tables, and material certificates. Only source materials that have been investigated and confirmed to be safe before being purchased are allowed into the factory.

Safety inspection at the analysis laboratory
In our analysis laboratory, we conduct viable bacteria count, total coliform count, Staphylococcus bacteria count, and moisture content inspections for incoming raw materials, before and during the manufacturing process, and final product inspection. In addition, appearance, flavor, and so on are inspected in our analysis laboratory.

Safety inspection at Japan Food Research Laboratories
General nutritional analysis, heavy metal inspection, microbial inspection, and other tests are conducted by government-designated official analysis centers (such as Japan Food Research Laboratories). Analyses that must be submitted when substances are to be exported are also performed.

Legal confirmation related to food
For the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, Food Sanitation Act, Health Promotion Act (to be checked with health centers), JAS Act (to be checked with the Nagano Agricultural Affairs Office), and so on, we have legal personnel (licensed food health advisors) with long experience in meeting with the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan Food Hygiene Association, and health centers to keep abreast of laws that are constantly revised.

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