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Latest update: 15/09/2022 12:22:10

Shouei Denshi Kenkyuusho Co.,Ltd.

Digital equipment manufacturer that meets clients' needs

We are a company that develops and produces electronic equipment as well as software. We receive many orders for not only our own products, but also custom-made inspection or measurement systems for industries and custom-made remote monitoring control systems. We independently perform various processes, including the design as well as implementation of circuits (such as CPU boards) and the production of embedded software, in our company.
We are good at performing processes such as the design of energy-saving electronic circuits resistant to sensing as well as noise of various signals and have sufficient know-how in short- and long-distance communication. 
We assist your company in introducing IoT. 
In recent years, we have been aiming at entering into the fields of medical equipment and nursing-care equipment. We have received a second-class marketing license for medical devices. We welcome orders even if they are only for hardware or software (embedding Windows-compatible software).

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Product information
Remote monitoring control systems (terminal equipment)
Monitoring and controlling the conditions of equipment including various devices and broadcasting relay stations.
Tank leakage testers: PSR-5101 and LLT2200
Tank leakage testers are the equipment for inspections of tanks for leakage, which are performed based on the Fire Service Act, and for performing tests for inspecting leakage from movable storage tanks. 
IoT systems for monitoring the operation of factories and machine tools
The lighting of indicating lamps and our original relay monitoring sensor as well as vibration sensor allow the staff to monitor the operation conditions of machine tools. The conditions are transmitted to a server via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to undergo intensive monitoring. They can be monitored on a PC or smartphone screen. The systems are equipped with a function for sending an e-mail notification during abnormality.
Either or both a cloud (subscription) server and an on-premise server purchased by and installed in the client company can be used for the systems. The servers can be customized.  

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