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We provide unrivaled quality levels. [Creating original technology]
1. Super-precision plastics molds, molding business, integrated production
2. Amusement business, darts equipment brand
3. Agricultural business, production and sale of Ehime-produced mangoes

We have commercialized three areas based on our core technology for super-precision metal machining and processing, which we have been cultivating since our foundation.

We provide camera barrels, optical parts, precision parts, medical equipment, semiconductor-related equipment, LED-related equipment, automotive parts, office equipment, home electronics, amusement equipment, and other long-lasting, high-precision products that satisfy all kinds of needs.

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Details of our business
[Selling points] Super-precision plastic molds, molding business
We focus on selling molds, metal parts, and molded parts. We can address demands for molds ranging from 30-ton to 180-ton. 

We have many sources of strength in manufacturing molds. We have an integrated production system ranging from design to mold-making to molding to evaluation. We apply our wealth of know-how and experience to identify issues that can be found during the mass-production in the stage of our initial consideration session. We offer a design scheme (gas control, mold-matching method, and aptitude clearance) that provides long-lasting, highly productive molds with low maintenance frequency. We offer machining expertise high enough to manufacture products strictly matching drawings, made by pursuing submicron-order precision. We are equipped with state-of-the-art high-precision equipment to make all that a reality. We strictly control manufactured parts, machining and processing tools through precise measuring inspection. We offer mirror polishing in the final finishing process, match mold sections in a microscopic manner, and assemble them. This finishing process is important enough to make a difference in mold life and mold appearance. Completed molds are also subjected to our molding machinery to precisely determine temperature, pressure cooling time, and other parameters for optimization. 

Our completed molds are sophisticated and highly acclaimed.

Our fees for initial manufacturing are considered to be a little higher than those of our competition. However, our periods until mold completion are shorter, and our molds feature high productivity and maintainability. Customers struggling with launching molds or having a hard time with defects on the molding shop floor will be sure to find enough advantages in us to more than make up for the extra money they initially pay.

We can satisfy special structural aspects like internal slide mechanisms, multiple-angle oblique slides, and other applications.
[Selling points] Amusement business, darts equipment manufacturers
We have an integrated production system for planning, manufacturing, and selling high-performance darts products under our brands Cosmo Darts, Fit Flight, and other original technologies. This is how we have become established as a world-class darts manufacturer. We sponsor top players, competitions, and other events both in Japan and abroad. We engage in various activities through competitions, events, and other occasions to make darts into a general sport and a recreation sport.
[Selling points] Agricultural business, production and sale of Ehime-produced mangoes
We are developing our Atta JAC brand. 

Toon City is located in the Nakayo region of Ehime Prefecture. This land is favored with a mild climate. We produce Irwin, Gyokubun, and other sweet mangoes, for a total of eight varieties of mangoes.

Our five vinyl greenhouses with a total area of about 1,500 square meters contain an atmosphere like that of a tropical area. We specialize in cultivating tropical fruits, and our greenhouses make much of cultivating plants just as they want to be. These greenhouses maintain air temperatures higher than 10 °C even in winter. We use special boilers called ecological boilers to secure tropical temperatures and humidities,  and to carefully cultivate fruit under meticulous temperature control.


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