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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:48:16

Kitajima factory Co.,Ltd.

We offer proposals for blackboards, electric blackboards, and furniture for educational facilities that help to create spaces that nurture rich sensibility. 

We produce furniture and equipment for educational institutions, including electronic black boards that “shape the desire for more useful tools,” wooden goods that have the potential to nurture children’s emotions and thinking, blackboard, whiteboard, and projection screens. We also develop and propose built-in furniture and other products.

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Sales Pitch

Electronic blackboards
BT-type movable-board slide system
Projection size: W 1508 × H 942 (70 inch, 16:10)
Shape of blackboards to which it can be applied: curved, semi-curved, flat
It can be attached to an existing blackboard.
The projection board and the projector are integrated, and it can slide left and right from one end of the classroom to the other. 
As the board is closer to the blackboard than existing products, there is enough space on the platform to stand. 
As it can slide further than the width of the blackboard, the entire blackboard can be used.
As there is a distance between the blackboard surface and the board, projection is possible without erasing any writing on the blackboard.
As the board and the projector are integrated, there is no need for new settings each time you use the projector after the initial setup. 
MS type Vertical Slider Blackboard - surface sliding system
Projection size: W 1508 × H 942 (70 inch, 16:10)
Blackboard size: W 3600 × H 1200
Shape of blackboards to which it can be applied: curved, semi-curved, and flat
<The projector slide device underwent a test by a third-party organization in which it was slid back and forth 30000 times.>
It can be vertically or horizontally positioned at any spot you like to accommodate different types of classroom.  Moreover, as the projector moves along the R of the curved blackboard, once its setting has been completed, projection with little deformation is retained even when the projector is moved horizontally. (The screen can be rolled up for storage.)
E type curved slide system
Projection size: W 1770 × H 1000 (80 inch, 16:10)
Blackboard size: W 3600/4500/5400/6000 × H 1200
Shape of blackboards to which it can be applied: curved, semi-curved, and flat
Calibration is not necessary even with a curved blackboard because the sliding device of the projector moves along the R of the board. * It can be installed on both blackboard with wooden frames and blackboard without frames.  (It cannot be installed on lifting slider blackboards.) We will handle the blackboard installation after a meeting with you. 
(Curved/flat surfaces) Blackboards/whiteboards (plain or gridded)
<We have significantly reduced reflection to make it more visible. >
Giving a gentle curve to the left and right sides prevents reflections from obscuring the view.  The board's wider size gives a more dynamic impression. 
Frame: Aluminum, wooden frame, soft-edge frame
Standard size: 3600/4500/5400 × 1200 mm
Limited standard: 3600/4500/5400 × 1500 mm
* About the whiteboard
We offer screen whiteboards, dual-use whiteboards, whiteboards for projection, and production whiteboards. 
Multifunction boards
<A total system that integrates front blackboards, study schedule blackboards, and small blackboards>
It contains two small blackboards that are equipped with sliders. You can pull them out when you need them. It can also contain a screen.
Quality characteristics
A useful function that allows you to pick up the blackboard you need in a simple operation that requires just one hand. 
You do not need to carry auxiliary blackboards any more. 
It can contain a screen. By sliding the screen to a position that is easier to see and use, the blackboard, screen, and textbook will work in conjunction and create more fruitful classes. 
For schools with a less number of students, it can cover classes of all subjects in one classroom by holding small blackboards for special classrooms inside. 
By installing the storage device, it also becomes useful for classroom equipment. 
We recommend blackboards with electric blackboard eraser cleaner.
Standard size
Semi curve: W (3600 + 900) / ((3600 + 1200) × 1200 mm (case size)
Flat blackboard: W (3600 + 900) / ((3600 + 1200) × 1200 mm (case size)
Top/bottom interchangeable blackboards/whiteboards (plain or gridded)
<Balance board that is easy to slide up and down.>
This balance board can be easily slid up and down by hand.  It can be easily moved to a height that is more suitable for writing or viewing, and one can start a new section of writing without erasing the old one.  * Types with a shock-free mechanism and electric types are also available. 
Frame: Aluminum, soft-edge frame
Standard size: 1800/2400/2700 × 1800 mm
Commit wall (all-wall white boards)
We make proposals for reforming walls as whiteboards to promote the effectiveness of lessons and meetings
<Every surface can be used for writing/It can be projected on/ Or stuck with magnets.>
Small whiteboards are too narrow for explanations...
I want to present large graphs and prints. 
I want to write in additional information to the document that is projected on the board. 
Commit Wall solves these issues. 
* As it uses magnets, scratched products can be replaced. 
S type (Horizontal slide type projector)
As the projector can slide to the left and right, it is possible to project images while avoiding getting in the way of the presentation and writing on the board. 
F type (Vertical slide type projector)
This is suitable when you want to write onto the projected documents or for smaller meetings. 
* There are two types of board used in our whiteboards.  Please select the one that is most suitable for your purposes. 
Dual White: Offers less reflection even when a short focus projector is used.  (You can write on it with a marker pen for whiteboards.)
Drawing White: This board offers significantly reduced reflection and is ideal if you need to use the whole surface.  (You can write on it with special chalk.  (Kitpas))
Bulletin boards, outdoor bulletin boards, and other peripheral accessories
Bulletin boards/outdoor bulletins
New Eco Checker (New material/Surface material for multifunctional notice boards)
It is a surface material for multifunctional notice boards that strives to be an all-in-one material while taking the indoor environment into consideration. 
It has many features such as a near-invisible guide for presentations and the possibility to use cellophane tape to stick things to it. 
This is a safety and health-conscious product that does not use any of the 13 volatile organic compounds (VOC) designated by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, or the six VOCs designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and it has passed the safety standards of the Wallcoverings Association. 
Its formaldehyde emission rate grade is F☆☆☆☆.
Measurement: Width 1220 mm/30 M roll, 920 mm/30 M roll
    Grid size: 76 mm × 76 mm
With near-invisible guide
Cellophane tape can be used
It does not contain any of the 13 substances designated by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
It does not contain any of the six substances designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
SV standard product, Standard Value (Wallcoverings Safety Standard)
Minute perforation
Pin and magnet notice board (Both pushpin and magnets can be used)
You can use magnets for display.  (You can also use pushpins.)
As the iron is kneaded in, it is soft and easy to work with. 
Frame: Aluminum, wooden frame, and soft-edge frame
Standard size: 1800/3600 × 1800 mm, 1800/3600 × 1200 mm
Large aluminum outdoor display board (D150 type)
<Luxury type poster case with sliding door>
A luxurious all-aluminum poster case made with an extruded molding with 50-mm perforations having a depth of 150 mm. As you can attach a picture rail (sliding type) to the upper frame, it is possible to use it to hang things such as framed pictures.
Stainless steel outdoor notice board 
<Keeps displays safe from bad weather.>
As it uses stainless steel, it will last for a long time without rusting.  The edges are welded, so there is no danger of flooding. 
Peripheral accessories for blackboards/whiteboards
Blackboard eraser cleaner (Cyclone type/Electric blackboard eraser cyclone cleaner)
<Environmentally friendly, cyclone-type dust cleaner. >
This is a cleaner that is equipped with a two-stage dust collector, which employs a special cyclone system for cleaning chalk dust, in addition to the powerful suction. 
Cleaning during the class
A Kitajima blackboard eraser is attached to the blackboard in use, which implies that if the chalk dust on the blackboard eraser bothers you, you can instantly clean it.  You can keep the blackboard eraser clean without interrupting the class. 
Aluminum safety dust collector
You can make your class extra safe using the aluminum safety dust collector.  This dust collector is padded with safety rubber; therefore, it won’t be damaged or cause harm if someone bumps into it. This aluminum dust collector is 25 mm wider than conventional ones, allowing easy setup for larger blackboard eraser cleaners.  As it is made of aluminum alloy, it exhibits superior corrosion resistance and wear resistance. 
Two-step cyclone system
An enormous amount of chalk dust is generated while using a blackboard, and it can be very unpleasant for the person writing on it and the people in its vicinity.  Our blackboard eraser cleaner uses a cyclone effect to normalize the air it emits.  It maintains the blackboard in its best condition.
A new type of chalk box that separates chalk from dust. It is deeper and easier to use than existing products. 
By separating the chalk holder and where the dust is collected, it becomes easier to pick up the chalk without getting dust on your hand.  Moreover, the dust tray and screen are easy to detach from the main body of Separex, making it easy to clean and easy to throw away the dust. 
Eye Light (Blackboard/Whiteboard equipped with a light)
<Blackboard equipped with a light that is kind to eyes and helps ensure a clear view from a distance.>
When the blackboard is brighter and easier to see, it increases student concentration.  Kitajima offers a blackboard equipped with a light that is not only bright but also safe and kind to eyes. 
One-sided fixed legs whiteboard (Near-invisible guide, plane, calendar for monthly events)
T series double-pull seismic resistant door (with automatic locking handle)
The door of this series automatically locks when closed, preventing stored notices from falling out during an earthquake.  Its automatically locking knob goes through the door, allowing opening and closing from both above and below. 
ST series: Interlocking triple-slide seismically resistant door (Auto-lock handle adopted)
Adapting a three-panel connected door, made it easier to insert and withdraw objects stored in the middle. 
The fall‐preventing mechanism ensures that the doors will not come off during an earthquake, whether they are open or closed. 
The doors are automatically locked when they are closed to prevent stored objects in them from falling out during an earthquake. 
As there are no partitions inside, it has wide effective width. Together with the wide opening, it makes it easier to take long or large objects in and out. 
Wide storage shelves
Dressmaking room NH type
Kitchen KJ type
Art room AT type
Teacher's room FK type