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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:38

Ryu-Raku Inc.

Leave it to us if your want to make a website, attract visitors, and run your website!

We are a group of Web consultants to help you make your own website, run it, attract visitors, and so on. 

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Action-oriented web consultation
Ordinary web consultation
We apply the know-how and techniques that we have been cultivating through our work in website production for more than 18 years to supply action-oriented consultation.

Rather than abstract, unclear advice with business jargon, we give concrete suggestions about what exactly you should correct and how.

[Support details]
We provide consultation for three to six months and attract customers through the Internet, while training Web representatives on your own premises with the ultimate goal of you growing out of our Web consultation service.

We will visit you once a month, have a meeting, check your progress, and work to settle your issues. We will also do follow-up by email and on the phone.

From 100,000 yen (before tax) monthly

[Areas covered]
Throughout Japan
Spot consultation
[Support details]
We will ask you for your issues, challenges, and requirements in advance. Then we will visit your premises and have a face-to-face meeting (120 minutes to about half a day), where we will make suggestions about where to make corrections and how to handle them according to your corporate realities. 

We will give you support by email and on the phone during the month for spot consultation.

We will visit your premises once a month, have a meeting where we will check how you may have progressed in making improvements in addressing your issues, and strive to tackle your issues and challenges. We will also do follow-up by email and on the phone.

100,000 yen (before tax) per session

[Area covered]
Throughout Japan
Free-of-charge Web consultation
[Support details]
We provide consultation free of charge using the temporary personnel program for Mirasapo, where the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency assists smaller businesses. 

We ask you in advance to identify your issues, challenges, and requirements. We then have a face-to-face meeting with you on your premises (for up to six hours) and give you suggestions about what possible corrections you can take and how to tackle your situation according to your realities. You can have access to this opportunity free of charge for up to three sessions.

0 yen (for up to three sessions)

[Area covered]
Throughout Japan