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Latest update: 18/11/2019 16:00:02

HARU Technique Laboratory Inc.

We are an Okayama-based manufacturer of dedicated machine tools. We supply machines suitable for a wide variety of workpieces of different sizes, shapes, and materials.

We have an integrated production system for proposals and design, manufacturing, installation, and training for various machines according to your requirements. We satisfy demands for machine tools, and for conveyors, stockers, and other peripherals.

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Sales Pitch

Our leading products include complex machining units for automotive differential cases, along with various dedicated units and broaching machines.
Our leading products are complex machining units for automotive differential cases.
Machining operations that used to be done with an several general-purpose machines and dedicated units can now be integrated into a single machine. It can also machine the inside of cases.
Various dedicated machines
We manufacture various dedicated units equipped with highly durable bar slides, multi-axis units, and original facing units. We also manufacture standard centering machines and other units. 
Broaching machines
Our broaching machines incorporate a highly durable slide structure to last longer than competing products.
We manufacture machines that satisfy your requirements.
Installation of ancillary equipment
Our products can be equipped with loaders, robots, and other ancillary equipment to produce a machine that satisfies your requirements.
Used in the factories of leading companies in different industries.
Our products and technologies are used in the factories of leading automotive part manufacturers and leading companies in different industries both in Japan and abroad.
Representative's message
Representative's message
We are a manufacturer of dedicated machines. We begin by addressing and understanding your issues. We want to apply this understanding to make proposals through our own expertise, and also through new trials. We hope to engage in a series of sessions with our customers, and then provide them with machines that constitute the best solutions.

By signing up to J-GoodTech, we hope to meet new potential customers that we have never had the pleasure to associate with. We hope they will tell us what issues they may currently have.

This is because we believe that addressing these issues of our potential customers will be our base for examining the coming age, enhancing our expertise, and contributing to society.

We are best at manufacturing machines for machining differential cases. Please do not hesitate to consult us for any other issues or machining needs as well.