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Latest update: 06/04/2023 12:36:22

Asuteck Development Ltd.

Technologies for tomorrow

We are a development consulting company providing total support for development activities ranging from planning and development, which utilize technologies owned by companies or universities, to product development, in which production and/or inspection equipment is involved. In addition to designing, developing, and producing products related to electricity and machinery, and to developing product inspection equipment, we provide useful information related to patents.

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Introducing our technologies
Non-destructive hardness measurement system
This is the evaluation system best suited to in-line inspection; a magnetic sensor, which is a non-destructive means, is used to measure the hardness of metal materials. An alternating current is input to the magnetic sensor, a BH curve is obtained based on the induced voltage signals, and then the hardness is estimated based on the Hc value. The system drastically reduces inspection costs and enables in-line total inspection, and data obtained from the system can effectively be used as quality management data.
Near field electrical noise measurement system
This is a system for highly precisely measuring and evaluating the sources of noise emitted from electronic products and electronic substrates. The system is useful for reducing the frequency of EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) tests, evaluating and managing quality, and confirming the improvement effect.
Development of inspection systems based on LabVIEW programs 
We have experience in and a track record of developing LabVIEW for more than 20 years. We plan product evaluation methods suitable for the product of the client, and propose evaluation and inspection systems produced based on LabVIEW programs.
Experienced staff and an external network system
We have many employees and external staff for various fields such as hardware, electricity, software, and so on. We manage a total system including processes that range from technical development to manufacture and production. Regarding development operations of “LabVIEW” in particular, we have a sufficient external cooperating system.



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