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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:48:13

Tsunoda Co.,Ltd.

We offer solutions for challenges in your production line with refined precision parts that are made by our precision-processing experts. 

With our integrated production system that includes everything from design to assembly, we conduct processing of precision parts using various NC machine tools, assembly of units (modules) using these parts. In recent years, we have moved into the production of jig tools, mechanical devices, and labor-saving devices that are needed for the optimization of production sites, to support problem solving at production lines. 

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Tsunoda’s strength — using technology and expertise for our customers.
Characteristics of Tsunoda
Our staff and facility are capable of achieving processing precision at micron order.  We can accommodate the wide-ranging quality requirements of our customers.  The performance and durability of machines and devices are significantly affected by the processing precision of their parts.  We use the high precision parts that we produce on our machines and devices to accommodate the requirements of our customers. 
We always invest in our facility to equip ourselves with the latest devices to enable efficient manufacturing and Monozukuri craftsmanship. By eliminating unnecessary cost, we guarantee proposals with competitive pricing for our customers.  We offer proposals for energy-saving machines and devices that are suitable for your budget.  We offer methods for achieving the function you desire with smaller costs. 
We conduct integrated production from part to unit, enabling us to deliver the product on the deadline you require. 
Tsunoda is a flexible company.  We can accommodate sudden changes in deadline and will accommodate as many product units as we can. 
Tsunoda's staff includes both experienced experts and highly motivated young technicians. The balance between the reliable skill of experts and the flexible ideas and challenging spirit of young technicians are the foundation of Tsunoda's technology.  Technical ability depends on staff. The staff at Tsunoda actively seek various types of certifications, such as trade skill tests, and they have obtained many of them.  We also pay attention to the latest technological developments. Each one of us is constantly working to improve our skills. 
Our integrated in-house system, which runs from design and production to delivery, minimizes the risk of information leaks.  We are certified under ISO9001 and Eco Action 21.  Our in-house system strives for high quality and a low environmental burden. 
A case study in labor saving by Tsunoda
Improved control devices for pneumatic circuits (example from an automobile assembly line)
We have been using a device that can paint automatically. However, owing to a change in the vehicle model, our customers would have to paint using another color with this device.  Paint is controlled using air pressure.  Successful painting requires the mixing of several paints and adjustments to spray timings.  It was evident that successful painting would not be possible if the same device was used as-is. Thus, we were asked to improve the device. 
Although the final specifications changed a few times before completion, we held detailed discussions with the customer after each change and managed to complete the improvement before production was due to begin.  The customer was able to accommodate the new product without massive costs.
Supplying parts for old machines (example from a food maker)
Our client was using an old machine in its production line. The staff who were responsible for its initial introduction had already retired, and there was no document about it that was available. Although the machine was old, it was still widely being used.  However, it had deteriorated with age and many parts were worn; therefore, it had started to malfunction frequently.  Although we tried to replace the worn parts, the manufacturer had already discontinued their production of replacement parts and it was impossible to obtain them. 
Our technician visited the production site, drew from the actual machine, and produced replacements for the worn parts.  Not only did we create faithful reproductions, but we also improved the original design and delivered more durable parts.  We are told that machine continues to function well. 
Characteristics of Tsunoda’s unit parts
Design ability
Our design ability, which can give concrete form to our customers' abstract needs, is highly regarded.  Even if you do not have a drawing, if you can verbally tell us ”what you want where,” our technical team will devise a proposal with concrete form. 
Ability to produce parts in-house
Tsunoda produces almost every part used in our units in-house.  This allows us to have a flexible production system that can accommodate the deadline of each customer.  Moreover, it ensures reliable quality control and the management of risks to our customers, such as information leaks. 
<<Production examples>>
We received an order for a unit product of an arm part for holding western confectionery. It required three types of arms, one for holding the product before cutting, one for holding the product after the cutting, and one for the wrapped product. Each of them needed to have a different shape, and the individual grabbing force had to be minutely adjusted. 
The three types of arms were completed through detailed discussions with the customer.  The customer was very happy that they did not have to design/develop the arms themselves and that we were able to simplify the assembly process. 
Parts processing and assembly
Tsunoda Co., Ltd. was founded as a company whose main business was the machine processing of metal parts.  Today, we produce most of our own products (energy saving machines/devices/units) in-house, in addition to making the metal parts our customers have ordered.  Both parts and complete products manufactured by Tsunoda are used in many applications. 
Processing overview
Sizes we can process: Minimum at order of 1mm, Maximum approx. 1500 mm.
Processing precision: We are capable of processing precision at micron order. 
Materials that we can process: from soft aluminum that requires care when processing, stainless steel, and titanium to difficult-to-machine materials such as Inconel, our processing expertise enables us to accommodate diverse materials. 
≪Even without design drawings or specifications≫
Even without design drawings or specifications, our technical team can prepare a drawing from a finished product or sketches and use it for the processing.  We are happy to accommodate orders for just one piece.  Moreover, thanks to the benefits of in-house production, we can flexibly accommodate your schedules. Even if the deadline is tight, please feel free to make an inquiry.