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Ishizuka Chemical Sangyo is a general manufacturer of plastic raw materials. 

Ishizuka Chemical Sangyo is a general manufacturer of plastic materials that performs a “trading company function,” a “compound function,” and a “recycling function.”  Based on the expertise on plastics, which we have acquired over several years of experience, we offer beneficial proposals that satisfy the requests of our customers. 

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The three businesses of Ishizuka Chemical Sangyo
Coloring and compounds business
Compound technology
We have developed many compound technologies to accommodate every requirement of our customers. 
They include the addition of extra functions such as mold prevention, climate resistance and static prevention through additive agents, the manufacturing of products with high flame retardant grades through the acquisition of UL certification at both our Kanto factory and our Niigata factory, and the production of compound materials through the mixing of fillers, such as talc, and creating alloy materials, for instance, by kneading in elastomer. 
Our times demand environmentally friendly resin. It is therefore necessary to add functions through compounds that use safe and highly recyclable resin bases. 
Moreover, due to consolidations and mergers, resin makers are becoming less and less capable of offering the specific grades that are required by individual customers. This is another reason why our compounding of physical properties is necessary.  Our company will continue to develop compound technologies to support resin manufacturers and contribute to the society. 
Filler mix  
Modifying material mix  
Flame resistant 
Master batch
Coloring technology
We select colors that suit the requirements of customers from around the world and perform highly precise coloring using our rich experience in coloring and our computer color matching system (C.C.M).  Moreover, with our original dispersal agent expertise, we offer distributed processing and production of high concentration master batches that suit your molding conditions. 
Fluorescent color 
Light condensing color 
Phosphorescent color 
Light diffusion 
Stone pattern color
Trading business
We offer global functionality from trading to logistic. 
Domestic business
We provide plastic materials, both domestically and internationally sourced, with costs and physical properties that suits the needs of each customer. 
 In addition to products from domestic manufacturers, we import products directly from international manufacturers. The quality of imported products is verified at our company before they are delivered to the customers. 
 As a distributor, we have five warehouses in Japan. This ensures quick delivery and distribution of small orders. 
 We offer resins of every type, including virgin resins, off-grade resins, reclaimed/recycled resins, general-purpose resins, and engineering plastic.
International business 
We offer a service that utilizes the skills and knowledge that we have accumulated as a compound manufacturer/trading company. 
We work as an official distributor of Chi Mei Corporation (Taiwan) to Japanese companies in China.
Following the international expansion of our customers, we have widened our distribution network to Southeast Asian countries. 
Recycling business
As a pioneer in recycling, we have rich experience and advanced systems in place, which make an active contribution to our ecological actions. The guiding principle of our plastic recycling business is the prevention of global warming. 
Material development
We apply the technology that we have acquired in our compound business to the design of materials, by mixing various recycled materials to achieve physical properties that satisfy needs. 
Detailed quality control to ensure stable physical properties. 
To ensure stable supply, we mix various types of recycled materials and design several alternative materials that can be produced even if some materials are not available at a given time.
The search for recycling systems
We started as the first company to produce and sell recycled plastics material in Japan in 1954.  Since then, we have been conducting many types of recycling as pioneers of this industry.  Furthermore, when the government began recycling, we obtained a license for the collection, transportation and processing of industrial waste before anyone else. From cleaning and crushing to pelletizing plastic waste, we tackle environmental issues and improve energy conservation through our integrated system.  In recent years, we have used our experience and the resin-improvement technology that we have acquired over many years to provide high-quality recycled materials with diverse properties and to explore various effective ways to utilize them.  We believe that recycling is a fundamental responsibility for anyone who works with plastics. 
We will continue to work on the recycling of plastic waste and contributing to the global environment.