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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:48:10

Negami Industry Co.,Ltd.

Advanced technology that can realize insert molding of complex shapes. 

Our quality control system, with the highest standards in Japan, ensures the stable supply of high-quality plastic molded parts for automobiles produced using insert molding and thermosetting resin molding. 

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Insert molding
Our products are used for the following purposes. 
Electrical parts for automobiles
Photovoltaic power receiving equipment
Equipment such as elevators
Parts for ship refrigerators
Generator parts
Various motor parts

We are equipped with facility suitable for insert molding, including a vertical rotary molding machine that can reduce production cycle times, and we actively pursue better productivity in insert molding.  These facilities enable us to flexibly accommodate both small and large lots. 
We are capable of both thermosetting resin molding and thermoplastic resin molding. 
Moreover, we have experience in producing complex shapes that other companies would not be capable of processing. We offer the best proposals in terms of both cost and intended function. 
Thermosetting resins
Our products are used for the following purposes. 
Motor-related parts
Load bearing parts such as wipers and starters
Switches for elevators
Control devices/terminal blocks for thermal power plants
Control parts for railway signals

We have one of the best thermosetting resin molding facilities in Japan, and we can accommodate products with lot numbers that are massive for other companies to guarantee stable supply. 
Thermoplastic molding
With our wide range of thermoplastic resin molding products, our company is particularly adept at producing functional parts for diverse purposes, such as thin molding or molding with strength, chemical resistance, or smooth sliding.  In addition to PPS resin, we can accommodate production in various other materials. 
Our molding machine lineup is also well equipped, enabling us to accommodate large lot orders that other companies would find difficult and ensure stable supply.  We can also make flexible accommodations for small lot production. 

Our products are used for following purposes. 
Insulators for motors
Automobile-related parts