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Latest update: 10/03/2020 13:40:25

Ochiai Cutlery Mfg. Co., Ltd.

We have Japan's No.1 market share for power tea harvesters.
We are also developing our overseas business.

We manufacture agricultural machines to satisfy the needs of tea farmers, including power tea harvesters, two-person tea harvesters, and combine harvesters. We contribute to increasing yields, quality, and productivity for tea farmers.
Our company is developing its worldwide business by exporting hedge trimmers for garden plants to the United States and Europe.

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Sales Pitch

Harvesters, managers, and gardening equipment for tea, basil, mulukhiya, and other leaf vegetables
Tea leaf plucking harvester
(For one person) Hand scissors, trimmer-type harvesters
(For two people) Trimmer-type harvesters 
(Self-propelled) Easy-to-operate self-propelled harvesters, self-propelled harvesters for one person
(Lightweight combine harvester) For tea harvesting, pruning, reaping, shallow cutting, smoothing, and preventive eradication
(Combine type) Plucking harvester, preventive eradicator, middle cutter, fertilizer, deep cultivator
(Rail tea field management system) Self-propelled one-side plucking harvester, fully automatic all-side plucking harvester
Tea field manager
(For one person) Motor-driven pruning machines, engine-driven pruning machines, both-side hemming machines
(For two people) Smoothing machines, middle cutters, deep cutters
(Fertilizer distributor) Push-by-hand fertilizer distributor, self-propelled fertilizer distributor, fertilizer distributor for compost
(Shallow cultivator) Front-wheel drive type, rear-wheel drive type (lightweight type)
(Deep cultivator) Self-propelled type
(Dew remover) Backpack type
Other machines
Fertilizer distributors for orchards, ginger trimmers, herb trimmers, dike weed trimmers, high branch cutters, asparagus trimmers