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Taihei Kensetsu Co.,Ltd.

Building prosperous homes for our clients

We provide clients with good lifestyles by proposing home building, planning as well as designing living spaces, and demonstrating sophisticated and reliable building technologies. The above proposals and so on are based on our extensive experience. We are proud that our track record is one of the best in our area. We build reasonably priced but high-quality custom homes that satisfy clients.

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Making home building more accessible
Your dream home should be freely configured! This is why we adopt the "timber framework method".
Our company adopts the "timber framework method", a traditional home building method in Japan, to build homes. A big merit of the method is its high degree of freedom when it comes to the design. Needless to say, the freedom allows for flexibility in building a home. Furthermore, it will probably allow for flexibility in reforming the home in response to changes in life plans in the future. Thus, the home building method is a method that will allow your dream home to be maintained or reformed in the future. As its name shows, the timber framework method is a method that utilizes "timber".

Timber is used to produce beds, tables, chairs, etc. Thus, timber is a material very close to humans. The reason behind this may be that the warmth given by timber heals our minds and bodies. In addition to such warmth, some properties of timber are even stronger than those of steel or concrete. Furthermore, timber has a moisture conditioning effect, a forest bathing effect, an odor eliminating effect, and other merits. Thus, it can be said that the effect given to our lives by timber is high.
Since we are entrusted to build homes, we are obliged to provide a sense of security.
1. Homes are not the only thing to be carefully checked.
Before starting building a client's home, we investigate the geotechnical survey on which the home will be built. 
A company specializing in ground investigation carefully investigates and analyzes the ground. Based on the investigation and analysis results, we build the home suitable for the client's land. 
*Depending on investigation results, work such as ground improvement may be required. 
2. Collaborating with reliable craftsmen to build homes
Home building requires various craftsmen, including carpenters, for various work. 
As for our company, all of the reliable subcontractors with whom we have collaborated to build homes keep in mind the idea of "building homes in which our clients can live with a sense of security", and proudly do their tasks at construction sites. 
3. No worries after we hand over a home to a client
Since October 1, 2009, the contractors and vendors of newly built homes have been obliged to obtain latent defects insurance. 
We purchase the insurance from a third-party body, Organization for Housing Warranty Ltd. Therefore, if a client's home handed over by us has a defect which damages the home, the insurance will surely take care of the client so that he/she can continue living in the home with a sense of security. 
4. What we, a community-based company, can do
We do business in a community-based style. Accordingly, we are able to swiftly respond to sudden troubles even on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays, let alone inspecting homes and providing consultation after handing over homes to clients.
Tour for observing real size homes
In addition to building custom homes, we build approx. 40 homes built for sale. Therefore, potential clients are welcome to observe such homes under construction, at any time. Needless to say, they are also welcome to observe completed homes. Observing a real home built in a real-life environment allows the visitors to more clearly envision home building. Unlike other housebuilders, we allow potential clients to observe real homes. In addition to the observation tours, we offer various events throughout the year.

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