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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:48:20

Chichibu Denshi Corporation

With our unrivaled polishing skill, we can undertake challenging cases such as polishing high hardness materials and high-precision polishing. 

We polish glass boards and circuits, which are precision parts.  Our main work is polishing synthetic quartz glass for photomask substrates, compound semiconductors such as GaP and GaAs, MEMS, silicon carbide (SiC), sapphire, gallium nitride (GaN) and Si wafers. In addition, we conduct a wide range of processing of semiconductor materials such as epitaxy and offer metal film deposition. 

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Meeting various demands of the semiconductor industry
High-flatness polishing technology
High flatness polishing is an ultra-precise processing technique that requires organic connection between the conditional settings of the polishing agent, the polishing cloth, and the grinder.  Our expertise covers many areas, including grinding, lapping, polishing, double-side polishing, and single-face polishing.
In single-face polishing, adhesion to the plate and the peeling method after polishing are also important factors. 
Polishing can be applied to many materials including silicon, compound semiconductors (GaP, GaAs, and InP), wide-gap semiconductors (SiC and GaN), quartz glass, and sapphire. 
Highly-purifying cleaning technology
Our advanced cleaning technology, that achieves an almost totally particle-free and heavy metal-free result after polishing, together with our advanced flatness polishing technology, ensure that our customers’ difficult demands can be satisfied.
Precise special wafer processing technology
Wafer beveling (chamfering), fixed form processing and high precision shape processing such as glass cutting. 
With our special grinding, lapping and polishing methods, we are capable of finishes at 25 μm level. 
Surface treatment technologies including diffusional growth, epitaxial growth, and various etching methods. 
These processing technologies, together with our advanced plane polishing techniques and advanced cleaning techniques, infinitely expand the possibilities for applications in electronic material processing. 

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