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Latest update: 03/04/2020 18:15:30

Shizuoka Seigyo Co., Ltd.

We are a general trading company for automation. Our factory can also meet special requests. 

Shizuoka Seigyo CO., LTD. (SHiZCON) is a general trading company for factory automation (FA) devices. Thanks to our own factory which can perform design and production in an integrated fashion, expert staff such as system engineers (SE) who have been appropriately trained and assigned, cooperation with professional manufacturers with high technical capabilities, and the ability to make proposals to solve problems, we are always making the utmost efforts to respond sincerely to a variety of needs, as well as dealing with special requests.
As a trading company, we maintain independence and provide clients with various manufacturers' products with the optimum specifications. In addition to this, we provide clients with added value in many areas, such as cost, speed, and the latest information. In an era in which industries are becoming highly sophisticated and the value of trading companies is being severely questioned, we are taking on the Asian market from our location in Shizuoka Prefecture. 

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Strengths of Shizuoka Seigyo CO., LTD.
In our factory, we perform production processes including design and production in an integrated fashion. We can meet various requests.
Control panels can be said to be the heart of automatic control systems. Because they are made up of exterior panels made of sheet metal, various components related to control, and wires for making the parts function, different companies were in charge of the different elements comprising them. In 1997, when there were few trading companies with their own factories, SHiZCON set up the Makigaya Factory for performing sheet metal production. By establishing a system that allows for sheet metal production, parts production, and wiring in an integrated fashion, we became able to provide clients with big advantages in terms of deliveries and costs. Since then, we have been committed to the introduction of updated equipment, cultivation of human resources, and other areas that strengthen the system which allows us to respond to each client's differing needs. In particular, our company possesses trained designers and system engineers (SE), who are required to have high levels of expertise. Novice production staff, forming a team with skilled senior staff, undergo OJT for long periods, closely collaborating with the senior staff. The novice staff start working independently after mastering the skills of the senior staff. The products provided by SHiZCON are used for production systems in various fields such as vehicles, medicine, food, chemistry, papermaking, and machines. For example, there are car-producing countries, such as the US, Japan, Germany, and Korea, in various parts of the world. It is said that most of the production equipment used by car manufacturers in these countries is made in Japan. The car industry is proud of its cutting-edge FA systems. Therefore, the fact that most of the production equipment is made in Japan demonstrates the high reliability of Japanese control systems. In addition to the control systems used in the car industry, the control systems used for production equipment in every industry are making progress at an amazing speed thanks to the revolution in technology. One big role that trading companies must play is providing more accurate information more quickly. For this purpose, trading companies must constantly collect information on, and have expert knowledge about, various fields such as sensors, controllers, actuators, panel displays, and measuring instruments. SHiZCON employees continuously take part in many study sessions in and outside the company. Through this activity, SHiZCON works to improve the skills that trading companies should possess, and contributes to the development of clients' production technologies.      
Developing original products in cooperation with manufacturers
Clients in different business categories produce different products, have different production systems, and face various challenges regarding automation and labor-saving. SHiZCON develops original products for resolving the problems that production sites face. SHiZCON selects the optimum manufacturer according to each clients' needs and develops original products in cooperation with the manufacturer. As such, SHiZCON is able to meet detailed requirements.
We provide hints and know-how for a variety of objectives, including newly developed automation of production processes and automation for reducing faults in conventional processes.  
In terms of the system products comprising factory automation (FA), several hundred companies each develop and manufacture various types of products. As a result, countless system products are available, and new products are released one after another. SHiZCON has detailed knowledge about the equipment and systems used by its main clients. By proposing products that a client has not used or those that can solve unrecognized problems, SHiZCON contributes to improving our clients' productivity. 
For example, we can make proposals for newly developed production processes, for reducing faults in conventional processes, or for automating skilled labor. Our strength lies in our ability to provide expertise regarding various types of FA, which is progressing in a variety of different directions. Automation, labor-saving, energy saving, environmental protection, and safety. In the ever-diversifying world of FA, we will build highly reliable systems that aim to always be the newest and best.
Main products
Control equipment
〇Devices in control boxes: We deal in various devices including power relays, inverters, breakers, and magnet switches.
〇PLC and motion control: We deal in PLC and motion control products for various purposes. The products range from small-scale and low cost products to large-scale, high-speed, large capacity, high-powered, and high-performance sequencers.
〇Man-machine interfaces: We deal in various interfaces including computer panels, programable indicators, and panel meters.
〇Power equipment: We deal in various power equipment including transformers and power units. 
〇Housings: We deal in boxes, control boxes, and control panel coolers with various designs.
〇Wire‐saving systems: We deal in various wire‐saving systems.
〇Nameplates: We provide acrylic or aluminum nameplates in accordance with clients' requests.
Machine parts
〇Motors, robots, and actuators: We deal in servo motors, geared motors, robots, and actuators.
〇Switches and sensors: We deal in various switches and sensors including small-sized optoelectronic switches and optoelectronic sensors.
Wiring materials (for control boxes), machine tools, auto-recognition systems, equipment, and consumable goods
〇Wiring materials for control boxes
-Mounting bases
-Cable ties
-Wiring materials
-Relay boxes
-Terminal blocks
〇Machine tools
-Made by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
〇Auto-recognition systems
-Image processing
-Bar codes and 2D codes
〇Equipment and consumable goods
-LED lights