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Latest update: 30/11/2020 15:54:25

IK Shoji Co.,Ltd.

Helping to achieve a recycling-oriented society by looking ahead to the future of the livestock industry

As a total coordinator in livestock equipment such as agitators, dehydrators and solids-liquid separators, we work with the manufacturing of solids-liquid separators and sales of agitators for the effective use of livestock wastes and environmental improvement. In addition to the construction of steel-framed livestock barns, on which we have continued working since our foundation, we will work with the manufacturing of livestock equipment for nurturing coexistence with the environment.

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Construction of livestock barns and production of livestock machinery—Reasons to select IK Syoji -
A product lineup for farms with different scales and processing capacities
<Solid-liquid separators and mixers with a track record in being delivered to farmers all over Japan.>
Our solid–liquid separators for pretreatment of water treatment facilities (W Conveyer) and mixers for composting (Farm Clean) exhibit high processing capability and have been delivered to customers all over Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa. While the “facilities to breed and nurture livestock” are considered important, investments in “waste and excreta disposal” is considered to be difficult. To meet these and other requests, we offer disposal machines that achieve low cost and high performance . By considering the size of individual farms, we can offer machines that meet the needs of each farmers in terms of cost vs. performance. Our strength is that our machine products are all manufactured in-house, which enables us to deliver these products in made-to-order dimensions as requested by the farmers.
We will respond quickly to any new construction or improvement.
≪IK Shoji in time of need≫
We are adept at renovation of existing disposal facilities. We make all efforts we can to cope with problems with which farmers “want something done.” Taking full advantage of the abundant expertise that IK Shoji has, we offer best solutions to farmers.
Also, trouble at a feces and urine disposal facility must be solved as quickly as possible. We offer the shortest timeframe from the moment you approach us, preparing estimate to delivery of the product.  With thoughtful proposals provided by professionals from various fields, we have been highly regarded by many farmers. Using our expertise built up over long years, we will make all efforts to work out countermeasures with the farmers.
Since we started as a pig farmer, we are familiar with the livestock industry.
<Support various types of livestock barns>
The origin of IK Shoji is hog raising. Chairman Isamu Kobayashi has been involved in hog raising in Katori City for more than 30 years. Based on his rich experience in hog raising, he knows about the troubles and issues specific to livestock farming well. We also offer advices on feces and urine disposal which we consider appropriate from the perspective of respective livestock farmers.
In addition, utilizing our experience in working with cow, pig and chicken farmers cultivated over years, we handle various types of livestock barns. Agricultural farms have diverse types of composting plants and feces and urine disposal facilities. To respond to the breeding methods of recent years, which are increasingly diverse, we interview agricultural farmers to understand their situations and requests. Based on our technologies and experience in a wide range of fields acquired over long years, we will offer proposals on optimal product design, manufacturing and construction.