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Latest update: 03/04/2020 18:15:36

J-fleet Co., Ltd.

Please feel free to consult us for matters relating to golf courses, support facilities, and construction or civil engineering materials.

We extract and wash high-quality Kashima sand, producing and selling the quartz sand for a wide range of applications, including golf courses, sport facilities, and construction or civil engineering materials. Using our location close to Kashima port, we deal in sand from various locations, such as Aomori. We have a wide range of high-quality sand available. 

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Product lineup
Various types of sand for golf courses
[Sand for green areas of golf courses]
In recent years, various types of grass have been used for bentgrass in green areas of golf courses, and as a result, the number of golf courses offering high-quality putting has increased. As such, the average player is required to have good putting technique, and playing golf has become more enjoyable. 
In response to these tendencies, clients make detailed requests regarding things such as the production site, grain diameter, and composition of joint sand, which is used around bentgrass in green areas, in order to match the grass at each golf course. While listening to the opinions of green keepers from various golf courses, we produce sand for green areas, which matches clients' requirements to the fullest extent possible, in subdivided production processes in our factory. We are particularly committed to the production sites and quality of Aomori sand (produced in Rokkasho Village, Aomori Pref.) and Kashima sand (produced in Kamisu City, Ibaraki Pref.) that are suitable for bentgrass greens. We wash the sand with water, sift it, dry it, and classify it by using coarse, middle, and fine meshes. Then, we mix these sizes of sand to create sand with subdivided grain diameters and composition to provide sand products suitable for maintenance in each season.
[Bunker sand] 
In our factory, we produce bunker sand using Kashima sand. The bunker sand is somewhat gray-colored, but small stones with a diameter of 2mm or over are completely removed from the sand. In addition, if fine or ultrafine sand from the bunker sand is spread onto a green area, no damage is caused to the area. Moreover, water permeability and durability are maintained for a long period. Since the bunker sand is reasonably priced, it is strongly favored by our clients. 
There is a proverb, "white sand and green pine trees." Some clients have told us that for golf courses with many pine trees, bunker sand made from Kashima sand, which has a moderate color, is more suitable than vivid white sand, creating a more relaxed atmosphere.  
Construction and civil engineering materials
Aggregates of fresh concrete, Kashima sand (coarse sand and fine sand), and Kashima gravel
Sand for plasterers and sand for secondary products made of concrete
Quartz sand and gravel for wells, quartz sand for WP/DW filters
Gravel laid in gardens, gravel for resin pavement, and Kashima gravel
Broken stones, slag, cushion sand, various types of soil, and dressed stones 

Dried quartz sand
-Sand for laying artificial grass
-Dried quartz sand for pre-mixed mortar
-Sand for castings
-Fluid sand for incinerators
-Joint sand for the green areas of golf courses
Filter sand
In our factory, we produce filter sand from  natural sand which is extracted in Kamisu City, Ibaraki Prefecture, and which contains very small amounts of silt fractions, by complying with standards of each water purification plant. The features of filter sand are as follows: Its grain shape is relatively round, it is hard, and it is very clean with no turbidity. Supporting gravel contains little flat gravel and is round, glossy, as well as hard. Once the supporting gravel is washed, it can be used many times as recycled gravel.
-Filter sand  
-High-speed filter sand
-Low-speed filter sand
-Filter gravel 
Materials for sport facilities
We deal in various materials for sport facilities. 
-Sand for laying artificial grass
-Artificial grass containing sand
-Natural grass
-Soil for grounds