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Latest update: 21/05/2021 11:23:38

OREC Co., Ltd.

We engage in a wide range of business from agricultural machinery to IT

A manufacturer of small agricultural machines. We engage in the development, manufacture and sale of agricultural machinery and green space management equipment such as hand-push/ride-on grass mowers, controlling machines, tillers, snowplows, and weeders for paddy fields. We engage in a range of businesses, ranging from product development with a food and health theme to SNS operations that utilize IT technologies.

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Agricultural machinery manufacturing
For our production of labor-saving equipment for environmental greening, vegetable gardening, agriculture and gardening, we have integrated operations from design, development, and production to domestic and international sales.
In recent years, we have been expanding into the health business, and we aim to become a company that contributes to people and the earth.
As we succeed in the provision of unparalleled originality, we pursue the highest performance, durability and price competitiveness.
We have substantial and expanding market shares, particularly in areas such as lawnmowers, hand-push grass mowers, and ride-on grass mowers, not only in Japan but also in Europe.
Our staff are all regular employees, and with all procedures, from material processing to producing finished goods, taking place at the headquarter factory, our products are all made in Japan.
Other businesses
Pollination business
We engage in the manufacturing of “seedless watermelon pollen,” which produce seedless watermelons simply by pollinating ordinary watermelons.

Livestock business
We engage in the sales of “Dr. MIST,” a solution that promotes the dissolution of ammonia, which has deodorizing effects, reduces livestock’s stress and preventing diseases when sprayed.

Vegetable gardening NAVI
A social networking service (SNS) specializing in vegetable gardening, enabling vegetable garden lovers all over Japan to study cultivation, keep growth logs and share information with their friends.

Health business
We offer sales of aojiru (green juice) which is made using “suiou,” a vegetable from Kagoshima Prefecture, as a main ingredient, and natural face washing soap made from 13 types of natural ingredients.
[Message from the representative (initiatives for future market development and intentions toward utilizing J-GoodTech)]
Our founding philosophy is “creating what benefits society first.”
Focusing on small agricultural machines, we have followed this philosophy in our business dealings since right after World War II, when society suffered supply shortages.
Since then, we have marketed a number of industry leading products in the fields of hand-push grass mowers and ride-on grass mowers.
These products are used all over Japan as a means to achieve “kusafu-sosei cultivation,” an organic growth method.
 We will continue to support farmers looking to cultivate safe and secure agricultural products by nurturing plants and utilizing their power to fertilize the fields.
 At the same time, we will take on new businesses that can lead to the further development of agriculture. Our logo mark depicts four green plants to represent this concept.
 With our “living with plants” proposals, we strive to create that which benefits society ahead of anyone else.

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