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Latest update: 21/12/2022 13:49:58

Seifuuan Co., Ltd.

Architecture friendly to human beings and the environment

Beauty and good-looks are important both to residences and to architecture in general. Are they, however, enough? A building can only be used for a long time if it is less stressful on the bodies of those who live in it and if it does not waste energy. If the building does not place a We aim for architecture you can be proud of even after thirty years.


Sales Pitch

One-room, off-grid hybrid power system
A facility to assist self-sufficiency in power generation
It generates electricity using solar panels and storage batteries.
While ZEH is generally used to achieve net-zero energy consumption through an electricity sales system, "One Room Off Grid" is, as the name suggests, an initiative to make one room completely energy independent. Basically, it is an energy storage system designed for disaster prevention, such as a refrigerator for securing food, lighting in the living room and bathtrooms, and electricity for charging cell phones, etc. However, it is a waste to simply store electricity, so it is used for everyday use, and when there is a shortage of electricity due to long rains, etc., electricity is purchased separately.
Depending on the size of the facility, it can be as small as the smallest piece of electrical equipment, or as large as a house that is completely independent with its own power supply.

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