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Latest update: 18/11/2019 15:59:53

Matsuzaki Co., Ltd.

Turn to us if you want high-security labels, stickers, or tape.

You may already know that you should take security measures to control various kinds of information, but many of you may be wondering what to do. 
We recommend using security labels, stickers, and tape, including tamper-prevention stickers that our company manufactures and sells.

Security labels, stickers, and tape refer generically to products that leave marks indicating that they have been peeled off even if they are pasted on again. 

They are currently used in various contexts to protect product quality, prevent tampering, prevent returns, and to protect privacy. Please consider adopting them as a first step toward meticulous information control.

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Sticker/label printing, application of viscous materials, adhesives, and silicone. Pharmaceutical drugs, financing and securities, foods, automotive parts, electronics parts.
Changing position.
(1) Can be turned into various forms depending on the use. 
Tamper-prevention stickers cannot be pasted on again once they are peeled off. This makes them particularly useful in contexts where high security is required. They can be used to control products in logistics businesses, and can also be used to improve brand visibility to distinguish genuine products from fakes in mail-order services and similar industries. These stickers and labels can be turned into various forms according to the purpose, which allows you to use them however you want.

(2) Made of cheap, eco-friendly paper
Security labels, stickers, and tape are generally made of film. Our tamper-prevention stickers (transfer type) are made of paper. That makes it possible to manufacture them at low cost, and to dispose of them as ordinary garbage after use. These products are environmentally friendly.

(3) Variable information printout further increases security
The variable information printout enables you to print different items of information on different labels. We manage various printouts, including barcodes, ticket numbers, and seat numbers. Please tell us what printing methods you want, from simple serial numbering to special barcode printing.
3D labels
(1) Highlighting your products
Forgery prevention 3D labeling provides text depth and a 3D effect. 3D film can be combined with a colorful design to match a wide variety of designs, making it compatible with any product or brand. Our labels are highly acclaimed for their ability to differentiate products from the competition at a glance.

(2) Lets you spot fakes
Genuine products and fakes can be effectively identified with the help of hard-to-forge product labels. However, more intricate labels often require a special device to distinguish genuine products from fakes. Our forgery prevention 3D labels can be easily introduced. They are intricate enough to be hard to forge, and enable you to easily distinguish real articles from fakes without a special device.

(3) Enhancing the image of your brands
Our excellently designed and highly reliable forgery prevention 3D labels readily improve the image of your brands. 3D film can be combined with other material to allow you to produce expressions thought to be impossible with ordinary labels. You can convey your brand image even more accurately than before. Please use them as a means of expressing the special quality and reliability of your brands.
Slim garbage labels
(1) Roll type
The only garbage you have to dispose of is the roll core.
This increases work efficiency during outdoor work in particular.

(2) Laminated type
There is only one releasing sheet at the end, which produces only a little garbage during work. This also increases work efficiency. This laminated type does not occupy a large space.

- It uses rainproof recycled paper made of used paper.
- You can write on it with an oil marker, pencil, or something similar.
- It has a glue-free margin, so it is easy to work on with cotton gloves.
- It uses environmentally friendly acrylic emulsion glue.
- It is treated with solvent-free thermosetting silicone that is unlikely to degrade products. It prevents the product from declining in adhesion and from blocking.



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