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Maintenance for plants using “rotating machinery,” "towers and vessels,” and “heat exchangers”

We specialize in maintenance for plants using “rotating machinery,” “towers and vessels,” and “heat exchangers.” Our sophisticated technology accumulated at large-scale chemical plants for more than half a century has earned us a good reputation both from plants and customers throughout Japan.

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Technical services
Rotating machinery maintenance
Our  technicians experienced at finishing can deal with a wide range of rotating machinery such as pumps, blowers, reducers and agitators. We offer integrated construction including overhauls, centering and commissioning. Please consult with us for periodic repairs, daily maintenance, and other maintenance.
Maintenance of towers, vessels, and heat exchangers
We offer overhauls of heat exchangers, towers, tanks, and various boilers, maintenance of high-pressure/type 1 pressure vessels, and so on. We perform various overhauls, maintenance, retubing, restoration, and leakage tests. Please consult us for periodic repairs, daily maintenance, and other maintenance.
Our advantages
[Experience in maintenance for more than half a century]
We have performed maintenance on nearly 10,000 machines. 

[Experience in everyday construction at chemical plants]
We perform everyday construction, which needs high-precision maintenance, at chemical plants. We have earned a high level of trust from the largest chemical manufacturer in Japan. 

[Maintenance of various types of rotating machinery]
We offer maintenance of a wide range of rotating machinery including pumps, roots blowers, agitators, extrusion machines, compressors, and cooling towers. 

[Assembly and adjustment as well as centering with precision to 1/100 mm]
We offer high-precision adjustment of thrust gaps, backlash, coupling centering, etc. 

[Maintenance of equipment at ethylene plants, which serve as bases of materials]
We perform overhauls of towers, vessels, and large heat exchangers at ethylene and other chemical plants. 

[Overhauls of towers, tanks, etc. with a height of 60 m class]
We clean more than 100 trays in a tower and perform chemical cleaning during periodic repairs and the like. 

[Extensive knowledge of and experience in safety construction]
We perform construction on a daily basis at chemical plants and other sites that have strict rules for safe operations. Therefore, we offer safe construction with confidence.

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