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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:21:58


Board design, equipment development, control software, business support systems, and so on

We design and manufacture factory automation devices and systems, manufacture and build electronics equipment and electronic control systems, and design and manufacture various industrial machines and experimental devices.
We also develop IoT equipment and mobile devices, develop various applications and firmware, and build industrial systems.

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We will introduce our company's operations by main category.
Business support systems
We make use of ICT to develop business applications for distribution, infrastructure (power and public utilities), and education.

We also excel at replacing conventional systems with new ones (making systems available with new software and hardware while maintaining their functions).
System renovation
We replace old hardware and software with the latest versions while maintaining their current functions. This is done by taking advantage of our ability to provide integrated services from hardware to software, including analysis and investigation of existing devices and systems (hardware and software).
Inspection and control systems
A wide variety of inspection and control systems are used in factory production lines and R&D. We have been building systems that collect and analyze all measurable analog and digital data, such as current, voltage, temperature, pressure, and sound.
Electronic circuit manufacturing and device development
We design and manufacture electronic circuits using various electronic devices, and design and develop embedded software.

We supply products that satisfy various requirements, including renewing discontinued products.