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Company with an integrated production and construction system of industrial equipment, aircraft, and spacecraft 

We provide cutting-edge products for a wide range of fields ranging from industrial equipment, including hydraulic systems and equipment of rocket launching sites, to aircraft and spacecraft. Under the motto of "Quality comes first", we have an integrated production system. Furthermore, we develop and sell outdoor equipment and engage in staffing services to diversify our business. By engaging in these businesses, we will contribute to social development. 

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Description of business
Business related to industrial equipment 
We design and produce products such as shielding following trucks, hydraulic pump units, and equipment of rocket launching sites. In an integrated fashion, we perform the processes of constructing industrial equipment that range from designing to production and installation. Furthermore, we are able to perform various welding operations.  
<Concrete business description>
(1) Hydraulic systems
-Hydraulic systems for tunneling machines (shielding following trucks and erector type hydraulic power units)
-Hydraulic systems for ships (for cylinder cranes, gantry cranes, mooring winches, and deck machinery)
-Hydraulic systems for port cargo handling (for unloaders and container cranes)
-Hydraulic systems for various types of industrial equipment (for lifting and lowering devices, carrier devices, and garbage crushers)
-Various types of test equipment (for hydraulic valves and aircraft)
-Inspecting and maintaining hydraulic systems for electric power companies and ironworks
-Heat exchangers
(2) Equipment of rocket launching sites
-Rocket launching pads
-Umbilical quick release parts (mechanisms for releasing each line connecting spacecraft with ground equipment)
-Spacecraft supporting equipment (modified to support upper parts of spacecraft)
-Maintenance after the launch of spacecraft, and spare parts
(3) Industrial equipment and so on
-Carrier supply equipment 
-Gangways (ferry bridges)
-Tunneling machines (assembly of shield machines)
-Assembly of machine tools
-Various piping works (for oil, water, and air)
Aerospace-related business
We responsibly assemble structures of spacecraft/aircraft, design and produce jigs/tools, and perform processes from production planning to quality assurance. 
<Concrete business description>
(1) Assembling structures of aircraft and spacecraft
We assemble structures of Self-Defense Force aircraft and aircraft of globally renowned manufacturers such as Boeing and Bombardier. We overhaul the above aircraft. Furthermore, we assemble structures of spacecraft such as Epsilon Launch Vehicles and New Space-Station Resupply Vehicles (HTV-X). We are able to undertake tasks such as contract-based processing and in-plant contract service. 
(2) Designing and producing jigs/tools
We design and produce various types of jigs and tools including assembly jigs, gauges, and steps for spacecraft or aircraft. We are able to meet various requests such as those for producing large-sized jigs/tools and precision gauges. 
Consumer business
We have established our brand, PICNICAR. We develop and sell outdoor and camp equipment.
Staffing service business
We dispatch helpful and excellent temporary staffers in a timely manner. We dispatch staffers, who have rich experience in strict quality control of aircraft, to meet clients' requests such as those for improving quality and production efficiency.

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