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Latest update: 18/04/2019 18:16:01

STAFFS Co., Ltd.

With the Hair Color

Our company offers hair color samples that are made by single color dyeing where the color is reproduced through a delicate formula of colors. We have recently started a new business agent service for imported overseas cosmetics, which includes application under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, packaging, and shipping.

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Sales Pitch

Hair color sample bundles
Hair color sample bundles for salons
Your hair color’s color representation is reproduced by dyeing non-discoloring nylon yarn. A wide variety of types have been developed to satisfy manufacturer needs. This includes short-hair and long-hair types, and detachable types where the bundles can be detached from the sample chart to make it easy to compare with the customer’s hair. 
Hair color sample bundles for shops
We develop POP display trays that contain sample bundles specifically for individual products for drug stores and supermarkets that carry self-hair-coloring products. They are valued as an indispensable tool for merchandising at these shops. 
Cosmetics manufacturer’s license (packaging)
Our company acquired a cosmetics manufacturer’s license (packaging) as a new business, and started to conduct inspections, rear-side labeling, packaging, and shipping in an environment fully equipped with cleanrooms. Especially if you are exporting cosmetics from overseas, we can provide one-stop solutions including notification and registration with the authorities, distribution processing, and shipping. 





Other presentation

[Business Description and Characteristics] 
Our company has been promoting sample hair bundle production as its main business since 1975, and we have been highly evaluated by hair color manufacturers. We were granted a cosmetics manufacturer’s and distributor’s license in 2018, and we started packaging, assembly, and shipping agency services and import agency services for cosmetics. We help our customers launch their products in the Japanese market in our cosmetics import agency service. We provide comprehensive support in entering the Japanese market, such as official procedures (application and registration with the authorities), rear-side labeling, storage, and shipping to individual destinations. 

[Outline, Use Case of Main Products, Technologies, Services] 
Our hair color sample bundles in our main business effectively reproduce a hair color’s intended color by making use of our strength. This is our ability to develop unique, original colors through Japan’s indigenous dyeing techniques. Overseas competitors apparently adopt mix dyeing valuing efficiency over color reproduction, but our company uses single-color dyeing to faithfully reproduce the intended color. This point has become our biggest strength, and we are highly evaluated for it.

We have a distribution processing and packaging room in our cosmetics production business (packaging) that is fully equipped with cleanroom booths in our head office plant. It is used for inspection, labeling, and re-packaging of imported cosmetics. The site is close to Nagoya Airport. You can reduce storage expenses as well as nationwide distribution costs if you are expanding, because Nagoya is roughly the geographical center of Japan. We help overseas cosmetics enter the Japanese market through various means, such as doing business in English and providing translations. 

[Application and Acquisition of Intellectual Property Rights] 
(1) Tuft unit for hair dying agent and tuft sample for tuft sample hair dyeing agent having the same
(2) Tuft unit for a hair dyeing agent

[Certificates and Licenses] 
(1) Cosmetics manufacturer’s and distributor’s license
(2) Quasi-drug manufacturer’s and distributor’s license

[Awards and Media] 
“Successful Examples of Monozukuri (manufacturing) Subsidy Program” (November 2018)
[Transactions and Development with Major Companies] 
Hoyu; Henkel Japan; Nihon L’Oréal; Kao; Milbon; Mandom; Takigawa; Napla; Coty Group; Takara Belmont; Beauty Experience; Kosé; Arimino; Amorous; Pimore

[Transactions and Development with Overseas Companies]
(1) Hoyu Korea, China, and Thailand
(2) L’Oréal Korea, China, and Taiwan
(3) Henkel Korea 

[Representative’s Message]
Our history started in the era when the notion of hair coloring was not prevalent in Japan. My grandfather started a dyeing business in this area, where textile production had been a major industry, and strived to create original dyeing with higher quality. He ultimately succeeded in creating a more beautiful and expressive single-dyeing method, and gained a high reputation as an artisan from salons and shops in Japan and overseas. Our company then set up a site in Shanghai, China, and did business mainly with Asian cosmetics manufacturers. We noticed that many of them had hoped to enter the Japanese market but found it quite difficult to overcome the barrier of Japan’s Pharmaceutical Affairs Law. We thought about what we could do to help, and started a cosmetics production business as a second pillar of our company. We truly hope to support your operation and work together to bring you success in Japan. 

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