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Latest update: 21/07/2022 20:00:34

Jp cubic

Overwhelmingly new technology that dramatically changes the concept of machining

We differentiate ourselves from the competition with our unique technological capabilities and a quality control system that is similar to or of a higher level than that of major manufacturers, and we are highly regarded by many customers in a variety of industries.
With respect to technology in particular, we have accumulated a great variety of processing expertise, which has enabled us to significantly break through the limits that were previously considered unachievable under conventional wisdom or concepts.

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Resin machining, research and development, and trial manufacturing
Processing accuracy to ± 0.001! Ultra-high-precision machining far exceeds high precision
Our ultra-precision processing provides dramatically improved processing precision compared to that of conventional machining (resin).
By thoroughly investigating all of the factors involved in accuracy, such as processing equipment, tools, processing conditions, and the processing environment, we have achieved accuracy of another dimension, far exceeding conventional accuracy.
In the course of rapid progress in technological innovation, improving accuracy/precision is an essential challenge. Our company's ultra-high-precision processing technology far exceeds the precision standard of competitors in the same industry.
JP Cubic has made possible what was not possible for competitors until now.
Highest-precision Ra5 nm! Mirror polishing by cutting
Our machining has achieved surface roughness of Ra5 nm (*maximum value, material: acrylic resin)
Besides, we have established the company's proprietary method for resin polishing Cubic Lap and have developed a unique technology that can give the final finish to the part (polishing) in a short period of time without polishing unevenness, even for the details of complicated shapes.

We have realized a mirror surface, which was previously possible only by die and molding, by only cutting to the level exceeding the mirror surface precision of the molded part.
This has led to a significant reduction in cost and delivery times, and many customers highly regard us in research and development in various industries.
The level is such that most customers provide feedback such as “I mistook it for a molded part” and “I was surprised at the level of quality of the mirror surface,” when they see an ultra-mirror processed product for the first time.

It is technology that we can recommend with confidence as a highly valuable technology worth experiencing.
The dimension of transparency is different! Overwhelmingly beautiful super-transparent processing
“Overwhelmingly beautiful super-transparency” made possible by a processing precision of ± 0.001 and surface roughness of up to Ra5 nm.

Breathtaking beauty
Amazingly colorless transparency and amazingly brilliant transparency
Super-transparency is the most advanced transparency available

The difference from conventional transparency is apparent at a glance.

Regarding transparency, there is a lack of clear standards, so to prevent issues in quality and pricing, our policy is as follows:
(1) Prices and costs that are acceptable to customers
(2) Precision that meets the requirements of customers (transparency level)
We will accept the order only after presenting the "transparency level sample" and "price and delivery time for each level" to the customers and if they are satisfied with the accuracy, cost, and delivery time.

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