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Latest update: 10/02/2022 18:14:41

Yamaichi Special Steel Co., Ltd.

High value-added manufacturing through the fusion of precision mold parts manufacturing technology and advanced manufacturing technology

Yamaichi special steel provides innovative and highly competitive solutions to the aerospace and defense, automotive, and medical industries based on the expertise in special steel materials that we have handled since our founding.
History: Since our establishment in 1927, we have been supplying special steel materials to molds and parts molding manufacturers as a material distributor for Hitachi Metals, and in 2000 we introduced a factory mall function that integrates everything from materials to precision mold parts and parts manufacturing, heat treatment, and precision measurement. We provide parts and products to the automotive, defense, and medical industries with cost and quality competitiveness through advanced manufacturing that maximizes the use of materials based on our knowledge and expertise of material properties that we have cultivated as a materials manufacturer. We also launched an additive manufacturing business in 2016, offering a full range of services including raw materials, design for additive manufacturing (DfAM), printing, and post-processing. In 2018, in order to strengthen our industry diversity, we acquired the Globaltronics Group, which is active in the fields of aircraft, medical equipment, semiconductors and oil&gas mainly in Singapore and Malaysia, and are implementing a global strategy not only in Japan but also in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia.

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Precision parts and other products
Fuel cell separators (±3 μm)
Flatness and shape uniformity are necessary for shaping fuel cell separators. However, an abnormal melt layer is formed on the surface when EDM processing is performed, which does not satisfy the requirements. We can perform machining instead of EDM. An abnormal melt layer is not formed, which has a positive effect on the flatness and shape uniformity for shaping fuel cell separators.
Embedded structure for resin molds (±1.5 μm)
Molds of electronic equipment connectors have complex shapes, so the accuracy of the electrode used for engraving EDM is important. We can manufacture electrodes with high shape precision using a linear drive MC.
ISO 17025 certification for testing laboratories (measurement technology)
ISO 17025 is a standard for certifying that testing and calibration laboratories can provide accurate measurement and calibration results by an authorized third-party certification institution. We acquired ISO 17025 certification regarding dimension testing using three-dimensional measuring instruments. We were the first private enterprise to acquire ISO 17025 certification for a testing laboratory. We mainly provide test results that can be used worldwide to companies in Europe.

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Business Description: Our main business consists of five segments.
1. wholesaling of special steel materials, mainly to the automotive industry
2. design consulting and training from topology optimization and generative design (reducing cost, weight, and lead time, and improving the performance of parts and products) to optimal construction method proposals such as AM and conventional manufacturing methods
3. contract manufacturing of plastic parts and products from prototyping to mass production using AM technology
4. precision parts and products using machining and lathing, and mold parts from prototypes to mass production
5. development of AI software for AM to meet customers' requirements

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