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Latest update: 18/11/2019 15:59:55

L Good Humor INC.

Continue to shine brightly and be in good humor at all times!

Our company offers and provides “good humors” to everyone through its various BPO businesses such as agency services for executive offices, call centers, and data entry services. 
Based on our extensive “information,” “knowledge” and “experience,” we offer services that meet customer demands by establishing systems depending on the budget and scale.

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Our “four features”
Based on our extensive “information” and “knowledge” in the industry, we select the optimum process and operate our business efficiently to respond to customer demands. 

Our skillful staff members with their extensive experience deal with customers right from the initial meeting to make customers considering introducing BPO services for the first time feel at ease. We aim to continue supporting customers until all doubts and concerns are removed.
We aim to provide a “rapid response” in every service. By rapidly responding to customer demands, we can effectively communicate with them and deal with urgent issues. 

Based on our knowledge and experience, we can establish the system correctly and rapidly after receiving consultations from customers by the time the operation is due to start.
We offer BPO services that meet customer demands by establishing systems depending on their budget and scale. We establish systems suited for each situation and fluctuation of business, resulting in cost reductions and the promotion of efficiency. 

We can also, of course, accept low-volume orders and partial orders. We perform each operation according to rules established based on the initial meeting.
We support working women.
Establishment of new work styles
At our Toda center (Toda City, Saitama Prefecture), we created a nursery space closely next to a workroom so that mothers was able to work without worrries. 
We offer new work styles for mothers who wanted to work but could not do it. 

We create operations suited for mothers and promote a society in which women can work while raising children.
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