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Latest update: 21/12/2022 13:49:39

Shimazu Koujiten

Making proposals for "valuable health support" that suits the times.
Our koji factory was founded in 1909.

Strong points                                      - Our products are 100% made of ingredients produced in Miyagi Prefecture.                                            - Our products are 100% made with Sasanishiki Rice from the local area     - Our hand-made products are based on our traditional technology dating back more than 110 years.                   -  Uniform management covering production to shipment.                       -  OEM business starting from a minimum lot of 9 liters of sweet sake

Main image

Sales Pitch

Frozen undiluted solution of unheated amazake.
You can store it for 360 days in a freezer. 
Refreezing is possible up to one time, which leads to less loss of merchandise.  
You can use it as a substitute for sugar (easy to handle allergies). 
You can pick one from different sizes (280g, 420g, 1,000g). 
You can pick one from different types (plane, bamboo charcoal, crimson, Zunda, sprouted brown rice)
<Usage suggestions>
Basically, we propose having it at breakfast in the morning. 
For welcome drink use. 
For cooking in place of sugar. 

<Recommended Uses>
Put it on fruit.
Dilute with milk or soy milk.
Put it on yogurt.

<Difference from Other Companies'>
Rich in enzymes due to the low-temperature heating method in comparison with products made at room temperature or chilled ones. 
The source ingredient is 100% Sasanishiki from Miyagi Prefecture, which leaves a good aftertaste.
Miso Kit You Culture
Customers only need to prepare water.
Easy to use at e-commerce sites and events.

<Details of the Set>