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Latest update: 03/04/2020 18:15:35

Nippon Sigmax Co., Ltd.

We create “Energy” through products.

We have acquired ISO13485 certification. We are a specialized manufacturer of orthopedic medical equipment and medical supplies. We boast the top share of medical and sports supporters.

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Medical business
■ Hygiene materials and fracture care products
We have expanded lineup of products since the foundation aiming for "reducing the burden on treatment personnel" and "realizing accurate and appropriate treatment". 
We have many improvements regardless of in-house manufacturing and introduction. 

■ Joint support products
This product group pursues our core technology of "fitting to the human body shape and following and supporting the movement of each joint". 
- Max Belt Me ​​black (abdominal fixation belt)
- EXAID KNEE ACL (supporter for knee joint)
- EXAID WRIST (supporter for hand-knot)
- EXAID ANKLE 6 (supporter for ankle joint)

■ Diagnostic and treatment equipment products
We develop and provide various diagnostic and therapeutic products required for specialized treatments in the field of orthopedic surgery and sports medicine, and provide new medical treatment tools for future medical environments. 
- Accellus II (Ultrasonic fracture treatment device)
- Viamo sv7 (ultrasound diagnostic equipment)
- ARIETTA Prologue (ultrasound diagnostic equipment)
- KS Measure KSM-100 (Cruciate ligament function tester)

■ Rehabilitation
We develop and provide various devices and tools that enable the early transition from the treatment phase to the recovery phase from both aspects of in-house development and introduction of products manufactured by other companies and promote functional recovery. 
- Wellengang excellence (whole-body vibration stimulator)
- Resta board (lower limb training device)
- Rehab (EMS equipment)
- Neomotion ACL (Knee support spats)
Sports business
Established in 1993 as a care and support brand for sports. 
We have a history of more than 20 years as a brand that delivers reliable security to customers who seriously engage in sports including top athletes and students participating in club activities. 

■ Supporter product "ZAMST"
This product offers higher fit and support required in the sports field. 
This product group pursues durability. 

■ Functional apparel products
We are conducting research and development aiming at products with functions that not only prevent failures (prevention of recurrence) but also improve performance. 

■ Care and support products
This product group aims to realize medical professional care and support, which is our roots, in the sports industry. 

■ Functional insole "Footcraft"
You can choose a suitable product from three arch types and your foot size. 
Three types are available: Standard, Standard Cushion Plus and Agility Grip. 

■ Functional insole "CustomBalance"
This is the insole that can be reshaped according to the user's foot, devised by the physiotherapist specializing in Nordic Finland's foot medicine.
Wellness business
■ Joint support product "MEDIAID"
This is a group of products that pursue ease of use and comfort in everyday use based on the functions of the product aimed at “treatment” at medical institutions. 

■ Portable ultrasonic diagnostic equipment "miruco"
This is a portable ultrasonic diagnostic imaging device that helps medical treatment outside medical institutions, such as on-site medical care. 

■ Breast care product "amoena"
Amoena, a German company, has been providing artificial breasts that have been worn after breast cancer surgery since 1975. 
We offer products provided by Amoena for Japanese customers.

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