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Promoting health science

We work with research and development, production, sales and after-sales support of clinical testing equipment and reagents for medical diagnosis, treatment, examination and laboratory data management system. We develop/sell diabetes testing equipment, urine test equipment, genetic test equipment for hospitals, and “blood sugar level self-measuring instruments”, as well as “Smart e-SMBG” that enables management on smartphones for individuals.
We also develop functional foods using our specialized ability in medical fields we acquired through the development of clinical test equipment and reagents.

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Services by activity area
Hospitals and research institutes
We provide large diabetes testing equipment, urine test equipment and genetic test equipment used in laboratories.
Clinics and veterinary clinics
We provide systems to support instantaneous inspections at clinics and veterinary hospitals. By managing diverse inspection items on computers, a network can be built easily.
Sports Facilities
Regardless of the event, we provide a wide range of Olympic and professional athletes with lactate measurement devices to help them challenge new records.
Blood glucose self-measurement related products
Blood glucose self-monitoring devices
• Gluco Card Plus Care
• Gluco Card G Black
Measuring instrument with onboard sensors to measure blood sugar levels Collected measurement data will be transmitted to, and saved in, the cloud. Measurement data can be collected from PC and smartphone applications for viewing.
Smart eSMBG (smartphone app)
Users can record data from self-measuring instruments about blood sugar levels and insulin using apps.
Data can be obtained by connecting it to various measuring equipment, such as blood sugar level self-measuring instruments, body composition analyzers, sphygmomanometers and activity meters.
PDF of registered data can be printed and brought to hospitals
Development of functional foods
Utilizing our expertise in clinical test equipment and reagent development, we develop functional foods whose effectiveness is proven by evidences obtained through clinical trials. We create new values from herb and fruits, popular foods since the ancient times, with health effects such as antiglycation, antiaging and antimetabolic syndrome, and produce new products from these ingredients.

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