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Latest update: 03/04/2020 18:15:35


Manufacture and sales of vacuum heat treatment furnaces

We are a specialized manufacturer of "industrial furnaces,” one representative example of which is the vacuum heat treatment furnace. We have the ability to manufacture vacuum furnaces, electric furnaces and combustion furnaces. We are an integrated manufacturer of design, production, and construction based on the rich experience of working in this industry for 50 years and new technology. We conduct comprehensive tests and inspections for each unit and constantly strive to improve quality. Our technology has been recognized and delivered to leading domestic companies, including Nippon Steel Corporation. We also export our products overseas.

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Major products
Pressurized cooling vacuum heat treatment furnace
- We enhanced quenching performance by applying pressure during cooling. 
- We improved the cooling gas circulation efficiency during cooling to reduce uneven hardness. 
- The vacuum vessel has a safety design in consideration of pressure resistance. 
- Rapid cooling is possible by circulating a cooling gas at high speed (a maximum of 280 kPa). 
- The heaters are arranged on the four sides of the furnace, so uniform heating is possible. 
- Quenching distortion can be minimized by controlling the circulation fan inverter and furnace pressure.
Vacuum heat treatment furnace
- We realized heat uniformity by installing a stirring fan inside the furnace. 
We can stabilize the quality, reduce unevenness in hardness, and shorten the processing time by improving the soaking properties. 
- We realized low cost by simplifying the furnace structure. 
- This design was prepared by making use of accumulated heat treatment know-how. 
- Continuous processing from quenching to tempering is possible with a fully automatic program. 
- Various options are available to meet user requirements. 
- This furnace is designed with good cooling rate and temperature distribution and very little deformation. 
- This is the smallest furnace among products of NAKANIHON RO KOGYO. Since the material temperature can be controlled, this furnace is suitable for use in laboratories and test laboratories. This furnace is suitable for the heat treatment of small parts. 
- This furnace has all the functions of a vacuum heat treatment furnace even though the size is small. This furnace exhibits outstanding performance for the heat treatment of various small quantities.
Vacuum brazing furnace
- Designed specifically for brazing. By adopting a metal reflector and metal heater for the internal structure of the furnace, we can perform brazing in a cleaner environment even with a batch type furnace. 
- By adopting the gas fan cooling, we could shorten the cycle time and enable quick removal after brazing. These properties contribute to improved productivity. 
- Various parts can be brazed in a continuous manner and this furnace can have 2 to 6 chambers. By adopting a multi-chamber type, the heating chamber is always kept clean and brazing can be performed under better conditions. We design and manufacture according to the application and processing amount. 
- Compared to ordinary vacuum furnaces, this furnace realizes high vacuum processing without carbon according to the application by selecting the heat insulating material and heating element from graphite and molybdenum. In addition, by introducing partial gas during heating, it is possible to prevent evaporation of brazing material and improve bonding properties. It is also possible to select H2 and Ar gases in addition to N2 gas.

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