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Yahata is a pioneer in surface treatment and polishing

We perform polishing (polishing, buffing, shot blasting, hairline processing, deburring) of various metals and other materials, such as mobile phones, cameras, automobiles, AV equipment, precision machinery for business use, aircraft parts, etc. In addition to general aluminum, stainless steel and brass, we can handle a wide range of materials that are difficult to process, such as titanium and magnesium.

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Unique technology accumulated as a pioneer in polishing
Pioneer of polishing of magnesium
As a pioneer in magnesium polishing, we have developed original technology from scratch. 

[Features of magnesium]
- Lightest material as a practical metal
- Specific strength and rigidity are superior to steel and aluminum
- Supporting the required strength even though it is thinner than plastic
- Maximum vibration absorption (damping capacity) among practical metals
- Excellent heat conductivity and excellent heat dissipation effect
- Excellent electromagnetic wave shielding
- If smelting is possible, magnesium can be supplied anywhere in the world.
- Earth-friendly material because it can be recycled
Magnesium is an excellent material for the next generation. 

[Potential of magnesium]
Utilizing the properties of magnesium, magnesium has been used in a variety of parts, such as parts for cars, cameras and personal computers, cement containers, building cement frames, speakers, and audio picks. 

In addition, products such as pillows that maintain the favorable water environment of the water tank and utilize the properties of magnesium to suppress the active oxygen have been generated. 

For example, the body of a PC utilizes the following characteristics of magnesium: light and durable, preventing transmission (reduction) of impact. 
Magnesium has been selected to minimize the transmission of external shock to the base.
Efforts in magnesium processing 
It is said that the 20th century is the age of aluminum and the 21st century is the age of magnesium. 

Magnesium is lightweight, vibration-absorbing, and heat-resistant, and it is easier to recycle in comparison to plastic. 

However, many companies are reluctant to use magnesium because it is difficult to process. 

YAHATA has been involved in a number of surface polishing of magnesium and has accumulated a great deal of processing know-how. This know-how (only one technology) is being applied to cutting using a machining center. 

The introduction of a machining center with customized magnesium fire prevention ensures the safety of magnesium processing including the cutting process. 

Due to the introduction of the machining center, we can receive orders for the cutting process to the polishing process, which is the final process, with a thorough production system. Therefore, we can realize a short delivery time and low-cost production.
Realizing further sophistication with the introduction of 3D coordinate measuring machines
We realized more precise processing by introducing a three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine. 

- High precision (1.8 μm) measurement is possible. 
- Measurement is possible as long as the probe can be in contact, and it is also possible to measure different surfaces from various angles even if a shape is complicated. 
- Automatic measurement of the entire surface of the object is possible by CNC control. 
- Various geometric features can be calculated by calculation. 

With the introduction of a three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine, we set the following targets:
- Outflow spill rate (processed products with precision measurement process): 0%
- Measurement speed (productivity): 500 pieces per day