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Latest update: 03/04/2020 18:15:35

ID Co., Ltd.

We value customer satisfaction

We are engaged in many processes from the designing to manufacturing of die casting molds for aluminum and brass of 650 t or less. 
At present, we design and manufacture dies in a wide range of fields, mainly automobile parts, motorcycles, light electric appliances, faucet fitting equipment.

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Sales Pitch

We use state-of-the-art equipment to increase customer satisfaction and make daily efforts to improve our abilities in order to design and manufacture higher precision and higher quality die casting dies. We also have equipment and data management system to quickly respond to after-sales service repairs.
Quality policy
“We prioritize customer satisfaction”
- We understand that "quality first" is the most important, and make efforts to improve customer satisfaction. 
- We continue making improvements to establish an effective and efficient quality management system to strengthen the organization's comprehensive capabilities. 

ISO9001 certification status
- Applicable business site: Oohito Plant
- Date of acquisition: October 23, 2002
- Update date: October 23, 2017
- Scope: Design and manufacturing of die casting dies
Main casting equipment
[Equipment/ machine name] [Capacity / Specification] [Manufacturer] [Number] [Similar model]
(1) Electric discharge machine, EDNC8, Makino, 6 units, EDNC6
(2) Wire cut electric discharge machine, DUO64, Makino, 2 units, EU64
(3) Graphite processing machine, SNC86-A30, Makino, 2 units, SNC64-A15
(4) Aerial multi-face milling machine, V77-A30, Makino, 1 unit
(5) Vertical machining center, V56i, Makino, 6 units, V33/ GF6/ FNC86/ V56                                            (6) Precision surface grinder, PSG105DX, Okamoto, 2 units, PSG65DX
(7) NC milling machine, BN I-85-A5, Makino, 2 units, BN I-85-A5
YZ500SG, Yamazaki, 1 unit
(8) NC lathe, SR32, Star Micronics, 2 units, JNC16
DL-530 Dainichi Kinzoku, 1 unit
(9) Die spotting press, DSP-1007-50T, SANKI SEIKO, 1 unit,
DSP-1300M Asai Corporation, 1 unit
(10) Electric discharge hardened layer removal equipment FD-4STS (MJK4), Fuji Seisakusyo, 2 units, SGK-4ST (B)
(11) Inspection equipment, CMM Brown & Sharp, 1 unit, R-System
(12) 3D CAD/CAM UG (FF)/eye, Makino, 2 units, UG (NX5)/ FFAUT
(13) 3D CAD TOP Solid, KODAMA Corporation, 7 units         
(14) 3D CAM TOP Mold, KODAMA Corporation, 3 units
(15) 3D CAM FF CAM, Makino, 5 units
(16) 2D CAD/CAM Mypack, KURAKI, 2 units
(17) Flow analysis for die casting, ADSTEFAN, HITACHI, 1 unit
(18) Strength analysis, TOP Castor, KODAMA Corporation,1 unit
(19) Process management system, Simple Schedule Editor, Reverse data system, 6 units
(20) Drawing management system, Docu Works, Fuji Xerox, 1 unit

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