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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:48:03

Techtrage Co.,Ltd.

We are a company that does your "tiresome business" for you.

We develop and sell systems for improving the productivity of small- to medium-sized manufacturers We propose facilities with high introduction effects, their operation methods, and layout plans using 3D CAD data. Moreover, we research various subsidies and grants that are potentially suitable for the newly developed machine, as well as any possible tax benefits, and support your applications for them. 

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Sales Pitch

Arm-type coordinate measuring machine “ROMER Absolute Arm Compact”
[Main functions]
Measurement range: It can measure φ1200 mm, with an arm type 3D measuring device as the center. By setting a reference point, the measurement range can be infinite by changing the position of the workpiece or the measuring device. 
Repeat accuracy: Within 10μm
It has obtained international certificates for two international standards, namely Traceability ASME B 89.4.22 and ISO10360-2, proving its accuracy as an arm type 3D measuring device. 
It is the first device to employ Absolute encoders in the industry. Each joint has an in-built Absolute encoder, enabling highly precise measurement. 
An in-built thermal sensor that automatically calibrates to changes in the device's temperature, enabling high precision measurement in sites with strong temperature fluctuations. 
Automatic probe recognition that doesn't require recalibration after probe replacement. 
Measuring within the machine tool is possible
The arm type 3D measuring device enables measurement of the inside of a machine tool while the workpiece is still clamped to it.  For instance, it is useful for reviewing processing conditions. 
Eliminates human-caused errors in measurement
By replacing measurements using height gauges, vernier calipers or micrometers with arm-type 3D measurement, it is possible to perform more advanced on-site precision measurement. Moreover, it will minimize human error in measurement.
Introduction of Services
Proposal of machine tools and systems
We strive to go beyond mere facility proposals, and work hard to offer proposals for production facilities that can expand the future possibilities of our customers. 
[Products offered]
◆Development and sales of information-sharing type online storage services (knowledge holders).
◆Sales of products by Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.
◆Sales and support for CAD/CAM products (Mastercam)
Creation of 3D data for factories, offices, and stores
“We are planning to add new equipment to our factory; however, we are unsure whether equipment of this size will fit.”
“We are planning to add new equipment to our factory; however, we are unsure where the most efficient spot to install it for our work is.”
“We want to rearrange our office because we have more staff now; however, we are unsure what the most work-friendly environment would be."
“What would be the best arrangement of the store shelves for our customers to be able to look at merchandise easily?”
Are you having arrangement problems when adding new equipment to your factory, when rearranging your office/store, when adding furniture, or when moving spaces?
By creating a virtual layout, it will be possible to easily simulate the arrangement in advance. 
You will be able to experience cutting edge technology such as robots and IoT first hand. 

Organization of private lessons in five-axis processing
Integration of machine tools and articulated robot
Display of in-house produced cloud system
Display of portable, WIFI compatible 3D measuring device
Display of image measuring device that can measure size from photographs taken by a CCD camera
Display of full-color 3D printer
Display of CAD/CAM system

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