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Latest update: 30/11/2020 15:54:13

AECOM Co.,Ltd.

BeeSight, a new facial recognition engine

Our company engages in marketing operations using facial recognition technology, digital signage-related operations and contents production. We have started to provide “BeeSight TypeM,” a new facial-recognition engine (which won the services sector special award at the “Going-Global Innovations Competition 2019” hosted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government).

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Sales Pitch

Face recognition marketing system, BeeSight
Characteristics of BeeSight
1. Standalone facial recognition
2. Consideration given to private information protection
3. Compatible with various devices
4. Available for works in coordination with other applications
Three engines from which to select depending on application
BeeSight type M: High-performance version with high precision face recognition (Android)
BeeSight type Mark II: Basic performance version With a simple people counter (Android)
BeeSight Windows: Customized version for instant face recognition (Windows)
Related services
Cloud analysis service
Face recognition trial service
Rental service
Installation support service
Installation achievements
Integration into digital signage for taxi
By adapting BeeSight face recognition to the advertisement tablet in vehicles, users can measure the effectiveness of the advertisement and obtain information useful for targeted online ads.
Integration into small-sized electronic POP at stores
By adding face recognition and counting functions to a small electronic POP with a camera that has BeeSight’s high-processing functionality, data on how shoppers behave in front of the shelves can be collected.
Counting customers entering a restaurant in a cruise ship
Buffet style restaurants in a cruise ship on a long voyage have limited ingredients to serve. Thus, restaurant staff used to count the number of guests at the entrance, so as to serve exact number of dishes. To substitute the staff at the entrance, we created a system that uses face recognition to count the number of guests and notifies the kitchen staff how many guests must be served.