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We are an ironworks and construction company located in Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. We design, manufacture, and install large to precision machines.

Our company does everything on consignment from designing and manufacturing to installing steel structures such as bridges, floodgates, and dust collectors.  Recently, we have been applying the skeleton anti-disaster coating method to concrete structures. The coating method is effective for preventing peeling, making structures strong and quake-resistant, and suppressing deterioration.
This method is also applicable to small places because transparent special coating materials and glass continuous fiber sheets are used.

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From heat exchanger designing to manufacturing and delivery
Heat exchanger
Our company designs, manufactures, and delivers heat exchangers, Class-1 and other pressure vessels, and specific equipment for high pressure gases with high quality and a short turn-around time.
We arrange pipes for medical purposes in a clean room.
Food and medical equipment
Spiflex multi-tube heat exchanger (ST type)
 Optimum for heating and cooling
 Capable of dealing with liquids of high viscosity

Spiflex multi-tube heat exchanger (S type)
 Great heat exchange amount because of the multi-tube structure
 Easy to overhaul and helpful for cost reduction of consumables 

Double-tube sheet heat exchanger
 The heat exchanger was developed for adjustment at water for injection (WFI) supply facilities and FDA cleaning audit. This product has a structure that does not allow contamination.

Small spiflex sterilizer
 The continuous tube sterilizer is suitable for high-mix low-volume production.
 This sterilizer allows automatic running and simplified cleaning design.
Roto Flon for various kinds of resin processing
Capable of producing seamless resin layers
(1) Primer for strong adhesion
(2) Fluorine resin powder with large particles allowing thick-film processing
No adhesion to substrates
Residual dissolved gas resulting in pinholes
Extreme thermal expansion and contraction
Solving the above problems!
Preventing peeling from concrete structures, making such structures strong and quake-resistant, and suppressing deterioration
Skeleton anti-disaster coating method
Transparent surface protection method: Products of the coated adhesive sheet method
Can see through the concrete surface: Ensuring safety
Thin-film skeleton peeling-prevention anti-disaster coating
Ultrathin-film skeleton peeling-prevention anti-disaster coating NETIS:CG-120025-VR
Skeleton Clear Coating (Peeling prevention method saving processes)

→ Easy to inspect and investigate
→ Low running cost
→ Easy works with two kinds of materials
→ Short-term works
→ Water vapor permeability (Capable of releasing water vapor from concrete)

→ Transparent special coating materials and glass continuous fiber sheet