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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:48:07


Our production scale is the largest among the specialist aluminum alloy casting manufacturers in the Tokai Region. 

We are a general manufacturer of aluminum parts that offers everything from mass production with die casting to production/grinding of single pieces using sand molds and plaster molds. Our design and production of dies and molds is conducted 100% in-house. Our integrated production system ensures quality in prototype making, mass production casting, and machining and can accommodate the needs of our customers.

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Our strengths
Integrated production system
 We have established a system that enables an integrated process that includes prototype making, die and mold design, casting, aftertreatment, and evaluation.  We offer wide-ranging support as a team that is specialized in aluminum products from material and method selection to quality guarantee. 
[1. Prototypes]
 We accommodate our customers’ requests from the design stage, and we can produce single prototypes or more using sand mold (precision) casting and plaster mold casting.  By identifying problems and solving them in advance, it is possible to reduce the lead time until mass production using die casting to ensure stable quality from early stages. We can accommodate prototypes for small or large products and orders from one piece or more. We conduct machine processing and pressure testing (submersion) with short turnaround times.  We use our original techniques to enable mass production with precision sand mold casting and plaster mold casting, which has casting surface close to die casting, as well as to enable the production of complex and detailed shapes. 
 We will also accept orders that are only for the production of a prototype.  We can accommodate all types of aluminum casting, including for transportation equipment, medical devices, industrial machines, and landscaping decoration. 
[2. Die and mold design production]
 We have a well-equipped production system that includes a CAD/CAM system, machining centers, and NC discharge processing machines.  We are capable of an in-house production of dies and molds.  Moreover, we are engaged in the development of materials that can ensure both high quality and productivity as well as with design proposals. 
[3. Casting]
 With the technological ability to accommodate every type of casting method, we explore the ideal methods and take quality, lot size, and product characteristics into consideration.  We offer an accurate production that meets your requirements. 
[4. Machine processing]
 In addition to accommodating our customers’ requirements for heat treatment and surface treatment, we have expanded away from casting and actively work in the machine processing field using machining centers, NC lathes, and automated production lines with articulated robots. 
[5. Evaluation]
 With a diverse line-up of evaluation equipment including 3D measuring devices, CT scanners, and noncontact optical 3D digitizers, we are capable of strict material analysis, physical property evaluations for products, and quality control. 
Various crafting techniques
 We offer methods that are suitable for single-piece production, methods that are suitable for mass production, and the manufacturing of products with special shapes.  Our company has been learning every casting method and working hard to improve our skills, and this makes it possible for us to accommodate requirements for products in a diverse range of fields. 
Aluminum die-casting
Gravity casting
Sand casting/precision sand casting
Plaster casting

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