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Latest update: 30/11/2020 15:54:16

Aiichi Industry. Co.,Ltd.

A designing and manufacturing company for marine development and labor-saving devices.

We work with the control of survey equipment and design of pressure-resistant containers, which are essential to seabed resources development/survey. We work with marine businesses such as laying/burying of communication/electric cable, high-pressure piping, installing/unloading facilities at maintenance factories, marine research survey/development with research institutes and private companies.

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Development of undersea development equipment and related businesses
Development, design, and manufacture of undersea development equipment
We work with the control of survey equipment and design of pressure-resistant containers, which are essential to seabed resources development/survey.
Pressure-resistant containers
It is necessary to protect equipment underwater, where water pressure is high. For example, at water depth of 10,000 m, the water pressure per square centimeter could be as much as one kiloton, meaning that sturdy “containers” must be created. “Pressure-resistant containers” are used to protect against such strong water pressure. When installing the containers on aqua robots such as ROV, their sizes are determined by the contents, and their underwater weight is required to be optimized.  These containers are carefully designed by considering the water depth at which they are used and the places at which they are loaded/unloaded.
ROV stands for “remotely operated vehicle,” referring to remotely-operated unmanned submergence robots. There are ROVs in various sizes, with large ones classified into observation class, work class, intervention class, and inspection class, and an ROV is selected according to its application. It is particularly notable that humans do not need to go deep into sea water, enabling them to have the work done on deep seabed safely by operating the stick arm from the ship. ROV is being widely used in many seas and oceans around the world, supporting marine industries.
Development, design, and production of submarine cable laying equipment and factory production equipment
Our technologies, which are founded on our long experience and achievements in deep lining equipment for cables, holing machines and burying machines, have been used for laying submarine cables (communication, electricity), which have greatly increased in number, as well as for their maintenance. With our relentless efforts and technological skills, we have been supporting Japan’s submarine cable businesses.
We also design and manufacture supply stands (rotating tables) for reducing production facilities at factories and lines for automated eddy current inspections of polished round bars and hexagonal materials.
Wide range of development support and other business
Development support
We have been conducting a number of joint research and development support projects in cooperation with academic institutions, such as the Institute of Industrial Science, National University Corporation Tokyo University, relevant academic societies and research institutes such as the Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers and private-sector companies such as the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology and SHIMADZU CORPORATION. We have made achievements in design and manufacturing, such as pressure-resistant containers for various submarine equipment, pressure-resistant containers for synthetic opening sonars, AUV pressure-resistant containers, and various other equipment.
Diverse business
We work with a wide range of related businesses, including various submarine robots, which are essential for seabed resources development/survey, such as Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) for heavy duties, small ROV for use in extremely low-temperature environments, data logger pressure-resistant containers, design and manufacturing of submarine cable laying equipment, maintenance of overseas parts for submarine equipment, purchasing of overseas parts (submarine cables), and production of submarine cables.

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