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We give shape to information, and support Monozukuri craftsmanship as professionals

We resolve customer issues regarding Monozukuri craftsmanship with professional knowledge, explanation capabilities, and sincere responses when customers need the kind of safety and information that cannot be obtained on the internet!

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Business description, products and technology
Description and features of business
Our company has worked to resolve various customer issues in Monozukuri craftsmanship since our foundation in 1946. We focus on part processing, belts, and hoses, which are the core products and core technologies we have been building up for many years. We excel in both mass-production built-in parts for specially equipped vehicles and injection molding machines, and high-mix low-volume production for plant equipment and low- to medium-volume built-in parts. We particularly excel at special or processed parts that need consultation. 
Our products are now expanding to include pneumatic, control, FA, and robot parts. We handle an increasing number of orders for installation work for curtains, clean booths, and sets of conveyer lines.
Overview of products and technologies
We established a plant for resin machining for part processing in 1988. We also initiated rubber processing and metal processing, for which we had received many requests, as core products and core technologies. 
We started to provide our Hose Doctor services in 2011. We have many staff members who hold Hose Doctor qualifications. They visit plants for diagnosis of fluid transport with comparison samples. We also visit sites for measurement of conveyor belts as well as processed resin, rubber, and metal equipment, and visit sites with various manufacturers to provide engineering services. We also provide consultation on conveyor line automation.
For matching
How do you procure parts and jigs for which you do not have drawings? 
We believe that our unique T-REX reverse engineering services will be convenient for you if you have any problems or issues. These include slow responses from an equipment manufacturer, over-high costs, rejection from a part processing company, and manufacturing of products with improved dimensions or an improved shape. 
Shapes of containers change each time a new product is released in the fields of foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. T-REX involves solutions using actual products as samples, and you can use this service if you want to change jigs such as holders instead of significantly changing a production line. We can handle needs for materials that are different from those of samples as well as composite parts and materials. 
T-REX is a reverse engineering service for holders, fingers, jigs, and the like, which contributes to production line automation (FA)!

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