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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:48:11


A company that focuses on precision sheet-metal processing, production of sheet-metal casing, and sheet-metal parts assembly. 

With our diverse equipment, including combined NC laser processing machines that are useful for high-mix low-volume production and our TIG welding robots used for finishing welding, which we are known for, we can accommodate requests from many customers with reliable quality and speedy work in both prototype making and mass production.  If you need to produce only one piece, we can accommodate you. If you have any problem related to sheet-metal processing, please feel free to make an inquiry. 

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Company strengths
Since our founding, our company has focused on sheet-metal processing. Our core principle is to pursue products that will bring satisfaction to our customers, and by following this principle, we have earned high praise from our users for our precision sheet-metal processing, which is our main business. 
Combined NC laser-processing machines are useful for a high-mix low-volume production and welding finish, which is essential in the precision sheet-metal processing that we are known for, can accommodate nonferrous metals such as stainless steel and aluminum in addition to thin SPC/SEC (0.2–3.2 t), and we are capable of high-quality mass production with TIG welding robots. These facilities meet our customers’ requirements. 
Business content
Precision sheet-metal processing
Ballot boxes and production/assembly of sheet-metal parts 
Safe for hotel room and production/assembly of sheet-metal parts
Production of sheet-metal parts for automatic collating machines used for newspaper advertisements 
Production of sheet-metal parts for transportation machines 
Production of sheet-metal parts for wrapping machines 
Safes for hotel valuables and production/assembly of sheet metal parts 
Production of sheet-metal parts for medical devices 
Production of sheet-metal parts for measuring devices 
Production of sheet-metal parts for industrial measuring devices
[Main products]
Environmental measuring devices/chassis/cases/computer chassis/automatic machines/radio panels/ballot boxes/medical equipment  
Office equipment/hi-tech equipment/new media equipment

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