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Latest update: 12/01/2021 18:53:09

Green Earth Institute Co., Ltd.

Our purpose is to realize a sustainable global society in the 21st century.

We are a company that has the technology to make, using biomass derived from crops and plants, carbon neutral biofuels derived from plant stems and leaves that do not compete with food and feed, as well as green chemicals (e.g., various amino acids used as feed additives) that are not derived from petrochemicals.

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Introducing business content and product technology
Business content/features
The main pillars of our business are our original biorefinery technology, contributions to a low carbon society and sustainable Earth environment, as well as the creation of a new biorefinery industry. We produce nonpetroleum-derived chemicals such as biofuels (vehicle and jet fuels) and green chemicals (food additives, feed additives, and cosmetic raw materials). In collaboration with domestic and overseas firms, we run a biorefinery business that uses biomass as a raw material.
Overview of products and technologies
The core technology is a proliferation-independent bioprocess (RITE bioprocess). Since this bioprocess does not depend on proliferation to produce substances, there is no loss in productivity even when there are fermentation inhibitors generated from inedible biomasses. Very little energy loss occurs due to proliferation, and the process is highly efficient in terms of material utilization.  Genetic modification technology has enabled the production of a variety of green products.
Message from the representative
We, Green Earth Institute Co., Ltd., are a company with the technology to create green chemicals that are not petrochemical-derived, such as carbon-neutral biofuels, and various amino acids that can be used as feed additives. Among the various ways to create biomass from agricultural products and plants, we use plant stems and leaves as raw materials, which means there is no competition from the food and feed industries. Our technology was created at a research institute called The Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth (RITE). This technology is superior to conventional fermentation technology in that it uses nonedible biomass, and its high productivity makes it possible to manufacture low-cost green products. Our company was established with the purpose of putting this innovative bioprocess into practical use. By expanding our business, we would like to contribute to solving problems facing the world such as global warming due to CO2, the limitations of fossil fuel centered energy, and food shortages caused by population growth.

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