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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:22:04

Arai Seimitsu Co.,Ltd.

High-quality, high-precision metal machining using state-of-the-art machinery and technology

We provide high-quality, high-precision metal processing in a wide range of fields, including automotive parts, pneumatic machines, medical equipment, electronics machinery, and other equipment.

In terms of precision, we can handle precision in the range of 5 microns depending on the material.

We are committed to developing and commercializing the latest technologies, such as small-diameter boring and surface roughening, as products become more sophisticated and compact. 

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Technology information
Production control system
For production control, we have introduced a production control system geared to the IoT era. 

We have networked the production equipment running in our factories to collect and accumulate various data, and also to promote visualization of production equipment and machined items by controlling machined products with QR codes.

We have built a real-time monitoring system that lets us understand the progress of preventive maintenance and machining.
Cost reduction
One of our unique features is our ability to comply with specified delivery dates to quickly meet your requirements. We actively promote production automation while engaging in production around the clock.

Moreover, we organize an in-house action team when any customer asks us to make deliveries at even shorter notice to satisfy such demands whenever possible.

For this purpose, we study the most appropriate processing method in-house based on the drawings supplied by the customer, and make proposals about material and shape so we can do the machining at an even more reasonable cost.
Quality control
To deliver high-quality, high-precision machined products to our customers, it is imperative to inspect whether the products have been properly machined according to the specifications.

Our company possesses circularity meters, contour shape meters, surface roughness meters, and other measuring instruments to establish a quality inspection system that meets micron-level accuracy requirements. For visual appearance, too, we conduct visual inspections for all products.

It is also important to raise the awareness of our employees to ensure even greater environmental friendliness and even higher quality in our machining. We have acquired certification under the international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

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