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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:48:18

Daiwa Electric Co.,Ltd.

We can accommodate our customers' requirements with our hand-inserted winding technique and motor technology that can satisfy high space factor requirements. 

Our main skill is “hand insertion” of motor winding. We use it to make prototypes and to develop and produce motor-related products.  While motor winding is mainly mechanized/automated today, manual winding using hand insertion is still required in small lot production, winding with a high space factor, and special winding where automation is not possible.  We believe that, for the production unique motors in an increasingly diverse motor field, the motor winding skill and technology that Yamato Denki has developed through several years of experience will be useful.  Please come to us with any issue related to motors, including design support for industrial machine motors, prototype making/development, production, repair, inspection, and maintenance.  We provide products and services that will satisfy everyone. 

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Daiwa Denki’s strengths and characteristics
Reasons for choosing Daiwa Denki
Integrated support from prototype to operation. 
We conduct the integrated production from small-lot production as a trial before mass production to the regular maintenance once operation has begun. 
Rare-motor specialized company
We are a company that specializes in rare motors, and we can handle old and discontinued motors. 
A team of specialists in the hand insertion of motor windings 
We are a team of specialists who know everything about motors, including the hand-insertion technique for motor windings.
We contribute to the business operations of a wide-variety of companies
We shape to our customers’ dreams.
We are capable of motor-prototype development.
Many adjustments and various evaluations are required for a prototype prior to its mass production. We can produce small lots as a trial before mass production, whether or not that product is going to be mass-produced through automation. 
We can reproduce discontinued or old motors. 
We can reproduce motors that are not commercially available, for instance motors that were discontinued or no longer compatible with your equipment due to updates.  Please let us check the original. 
We can fix defects and perform regular maintenance.
We are capable of re-winding motors that have been damaged by seizures or broken insulation.  Regular maintenance extends lifespans.  Ensure to perform maintenance before there is a breakage.  Long and economical lifespan. 
We propose optimal solutions for each of our customers’ business types. 
Proposals for machine/industrial machine manufacturers
We are capable of producing small lots of “original motors” with special/unique specifications and blades that general-purpose motors cannot provide as motors and generators for every purpose and type of device, including ships, aerospace, transportation machines, machine tools, electric tools, pumps, semiconductor manufacturing machines, medical/care/assistance devices, and environmental machines such as wind/fire/water power generators.  Quality concerns with existing companies, delays in delivery, risk of business closures owing to lack of successors, and environmental regulations will continue to worsen in the future. Yamato Denki offers stable product supply with reliable response capabilities.  We propose new values through our small-market “manually inserted winding” technique, which enables high space factors, and through our motor technology. 
Proposals for plant/factory facility manufacturers
Pausing a production line owing to a sudden problem with a motor causes stagnation in your business.  We can perform everything from defect diagnosis (electrical inspection and dismantling study), repair, and rewinding of the coil to completion of the overhaul. 
Proposals for specialized trading companies/material manufacturers
Are any of your customers having problems related to motor winding? If there are issues affecting your business and you find yourself having thoughts such as “we are looking for a replacement for a company lower in the production chain owing to their imminent closure to enable us to continue supplying materials to our customers; however, we are having problem in finding one,”  or “we have been using a standard/general-purpose motor for our machine facility; however, owing to its discontinuation by its manufacturer, we can no longer deliver our products to our customers,”  please contact Yamato Denki.  Since there are new products such as silicon steel plates (stator, rotor), magnet wires, electric wires, magnets, insulating materials, and cables, please use them. These situations include: “We want you to try new products in silicon sheets (stator, rotor), magnet wire, electric wire, magnet, insulating material, and cable,”  or “We have developed a new material, and we want to evaluate its performance in motors or winding.”
Proposals for development departments at companies/research institutions
We support the realization of the following requirements of research institutions and company/school development/technical departments.
“We want to develop a motor or generator that can be used in our new product. “
"We have been using general-purpose motors until now. However, we want to improve the machine’s performance using a special motor. “
“We want to develop an efficient motor or generator as part of our research on energy saving. “
Hand inserted motor windings
We can handle everything from small lots to mass production.
We support small volume production that cannot be mechanized, high space factor winding, special winding production technology development, jig design and production based on basic designs from our customers.
Motor winding in extremely high/low temperatures
Electric motors used for industrial machines and plant devices are required to have capacity/quality that can withstand extreme usage conditions. We are capable of developing motor winding, which is the core of such motors, from the prototype stage through to establishing production methods and manufacture.
Development/trial manufacturing/production of DC motors
From prototype making to production, we offer development of DC motors (brush-free/with brush) based on basic designs from our customers. We can also review the development of the basic designs. 
Repair and maintenance
We are capable of both maintaining motor systems that are currently in use, including replacing motor winding, renewing electronic control circuit boards, and manufacturing machine processed products, and also producing discontinued or obsolete motors (with the same specifications as the one currently in use). 

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