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Latest update: 18/11/2019 16:00:01

Kotobuki Tusho Co., Ltd.

Please consult us for your soundproofing needs, including noise-reduction measures and soundproofing.

We aim to improve productivity and make production site environments where people can work more comfortably, and contribute to  safety and security of local people living around the sites, improving the work environment of production sites that support Monozukuri craftsmanship in Japan.

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Introduction to our business content, products, and technology etc.
Details and features of business
Our company provides reliable customization of equipment for noise reduction regardless of manufacturer or model. Even if we are consulted regarding unprecedented matters, we tackle any challenges where there is a potential solution. Our driving force is always our “wish to help people with problems related to noise.” We have developed new measures against earthquakes at construction sites. After the Great East Japan Earthquake, we received favorable reports that equipment for which we had taken measures did not fall over. We will continue to contribute to the creation of comfortable and safe environments with our two main businesses of “soundproofing” and “earthquake resistance.”
Overview of products and technology
We provide soundproofing boxes for high-speed presses mainly to manufacturers of semiconductors and connectors. They are some of our flagship products focusing on workability and can be quickly delivered. Our soundproof rooms for pressing lines are enormous and have drive mechanisms such as soundproof shutters as well as safety device mechanisms. Using our Serenity (for preventing hearing loss), you can hear ambient sounds, control noise to protect your hearing, and have wireless communications with others. With our soundproof blankets, we provide light and flexible soundproof covers in the form of mats, considering diversified needs for soundproofing devices.
For matching
Recently, needs for soundproofing devices have been diversified. We have received many requests for products focusing on lightness, softness, flexibility, seismic capacity, cost performance, and so on. We will continue to respond to such needs with our extensive experience and technology based on our enthusiasm for Monozukuri craftsmanship as a driving force. Our mission is to help people with noise-related problems.

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