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Latest update: 04/02/2020 11:27:42

Shito MFG Inc.

We challenge the world with our technological capabilities! We will restore Japan as a technology-oriented nation.

We are one of the traditional small factories that have supported Japan as a technology-oriented nation. It is the pride of small factories and the technological capability of Japan to perform excellent work even if our names are not shown on products regardless of how valuable the work is. We offer short turnaround times with 24-hour operation. We also perform trial manufacturing at any time. We excel in mass production in which precision is required based on the knowhow we have accumulated.


Sales Pitch

Metal parts for catheter tips
We satisfy new medical needs with special machining
We can add inspection or dripping functionality by special processing for catheter tips. 
You can perform remote monitoring for bedridden patients and the elderly by adding a sensor to reduce the physical and mental burden on medical service workers and prevent errors in medical treatment.
We perform high-mix low-volume production.
There are different needs for medical devices depending on the situation and disease for which the equipment is used. This is why high-mix low-volume production is required in the medical industry. We flexibly provide many types of parts so products can be developed to satisfy requirements on-site.
We have a track record of processing difficult-to-machine materials
We can process difficult-to-machine materials such as pure copper and titanium. 
We can also perform high-precision mass production (management of several thousand articles at the micron order).


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