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Latest update: 03/04/2020 18:15:31

Tsukii Seimitsu Co., ltd.

Our goal is more advanced technology. 
What we want to protect is the pride of manufacturing.

We are a processing maker of precision machine parts of metals and resins. We supply parts as a supplier to a wide range of fields, such as aeronautical satellites, automobiles, medical care, optics, and measurement equipment.

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Overview of company
We are a manufacturer of precision machine parts. We supply a wide range of parts from prototypes to mass production in the fields of aeronautical satellites, automobiles, medical equipment, optics, and measurement equipment. While we actively adopt advanced technology, we value the technology and experience we have accumulated and pass on technology every day to create an environment where the younger generation can easily participate in manufacturing We continue to make efforts for higher added value, higher quality, and higher speed, and we hope to contribute to the future of the Japanese manufacturing industry. 

Processing results: Steel, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, copper alloy, nickel alloy, titanium alloy, tungsten alloy, resin
We produce a prototype in Japan and perform mass production in Thailand
We produce a prototype in Japan and send data to Thailand. 
Since the machine used is the same as that in Japan is used, high quality is maintained. 
Since the factory is operated only by Thai people, low cost is realized. 
Thailand's well-distributed logistics also realize quick delivery. 

■ High quality
Relocated Japanese CMM to Thai factory. The product is completed with the same quality as produced in Japan. 
In addition, daily morning and evening video conferences are used to provide guidance and check progress. 

■ Low cost
All engineers have been receiving technical guidance for 3 years in Japan. As a result, the Thai factory can now be operated solely by Thai people. 

■ Speedy
Due to the development of logistics, quick delivery is realized. If we send a product today, the product will arrive in Thailand tomorrow, so you can quickly start mass-production with Japanese materials.
Introduction of equipment and work environment
■ Introduction of equipment
- 5-axis machining center
- CNC lathe
- Wire-cut
- 2D image measuring machine
- Ultrasonic cleaner
■ Work environment
- Temperature management (large air conditioner, radiant cooling/ heating system, roof sprinkling cooling system, ceiling fan)
- Measures against mist (large electric dust collector)
- Foundation work (Concrete foundation work of 1 m in thickness)
- Inspection room (concrete thickness of 30 cm)
- Automatic fire extinguisher for titanium cutting

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