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Latest update: 18/11/2019 15:59:52

Tamaden Kogyo Co., Ltd.

You can rely on us when performing energy conversion using an inverter.

Proposal 1: Ordinary equipment controlling powering and regeneration⇆Electric energy conversion
Proposal 2:  Hybrid power generation control
Multiple energy sources are connected to multiple inverters. The energy sources are hydraulic power generators, wind power generators, solar panels, and diesel power generators. Their DC intermediate voltages are connected and the energies are mixed. This power generation control is suitable for independent power generation structures using natural energies on remote islands and similar places.

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1. Hybrid Power Generation
1.1 Power conversion with inverter
 There are various means of power generation, such as hydraulic, solar, wind power generation, and biomass power generation. For power generation control, our company converts power from various energy resources into DC intermediate voltage  using an inverter. Then we add up the output voltage and convert the power into usable AC through an inverter.
1.2 Energy smoothing
 Energy smoothing is necessary for stabilizing power output from natural energy. Our company uses a battery to smooth the energy. We also manage battery charging and discharge voltages strictly using a DC/DC converter.





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