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Latest update: 10/03/2020 13:40:14

Meiko Co., Ltd.

Our company is a manufacturer specializing in plastic (resin) processing, industrial rubber products, and metal processing. We supply products with optimal shapes, physical properties, and precision, including engineering plastics, IT-related parts, handmade products, and machined goods. Please consult us about polycarbonate bending and fluororesin welded products.

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Sales Pitch

Plastics and processed assembly goods
We satisfy all needs for plastic products from cutting to welding, bonding, and molding. Please consult us particularly if you have any concerns about difficult polycarbonate (PC) bending and fluororesin (PTEE) welded products.

•Processing materials
PVC, PP, acrylics, PE, PET, PTFE, PVDF, nylon, industrial materials, engineering plastics, FRP, and carbon products

• Processing examples
-Milling and machining (Material: MC nylon)
Available for small-lot, short-term projects.
We also handle requests for small-lot production and short lead times.
-Lathe processed goods (material: PVC/PTFE)
We satisfy all needs from simple processing of plastics alone to press-fitting into a shaft (metal). Processing of cams is also available.
-NC router processed products (material: PVC)
We process plates up to 60 tons and 2400 mm in length.
- Bending (material: PVC, acryl)
This can be applied to all shapes.
-Various bolts (material: PFA, PP)
We can process other materials. Please contact us for sizes.
-Moldings (material: ABS)
We can handle integrated molding production from the mold phase. Products can be delivered in a short time.
Rubber and metal products
We can provide comprehensive handling of machined goods, cans, and rubber products in any lot size.

Metal products: cutting, canning, laser processed goods, and others (iron, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, etc.)
Industrial rubber products: Moldings, rubber rolls, rubber linings, rubber processed goods, extruded goods, sponge goods, belts, and hoses
Main equipment
•NC router
•Combined machining tool
•Panel saw
•Advanced lathe
•NC milling machine
•Key seater
•PVC welding machine
•Band saw
•Machining center
•Thermostatic chamber
•Ultrasonic cleaner
•NC Lathe
•Various measuring instruments